Tokyo Marui – HK MK-23 Fixed Slide Gas Gun Set

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: Gas Fixed Slide
Date Acquired: 11/2002 (see bleow)

MK-23 Packaging

Well, it took alot of patience, but the MK-23 I ordered back in August finally arrived. (See my Retailer Review of Tokyo Hobby for more info on the delayed shipment)

First impressions: Great packaging! It can in a carry case with foam cutouts for the MK-23, magazine and silencer.

Case Closed

Case Open

The MK-23 is a large framed handgun and Marui did a wonderful job in creating this airsoft version. The gun is very solid and heavy and would be just shy of a real steel full framed HK USP unloaded.

Outta the box

Silencer Attached

The outer parts are mostly ABS, but the internals are all metal. Since this is a Fixed Slide, Non Blowback airsoft gas gun, the slide can be engaged, btu it serves no purpose. The silencer and wagazine are metal and YES the silencer has foam inserts and does silence (Video to ba added later)

You also get the LAM (Light/Laser Attachment Module) which sports a flashlight and LED laser. I will be exeprimenting on replacing the internals of the LAM with a Surefire Tactical Flashlight and Laser. Will keep you posted.

Firing the gun is FUN! Since there are no valve upgrades yet, I am shooting hte weaker HFC134a gas, but the hop up unit makes up for the lack of power. My KSC Glocks are more powerful since I was able to upgrade the valves to accept Green Gas, and hopefully this will be an upgrade option for the MK-23 soon.

Comparison with TM MK-23 Spring

Comparison with TM Desert Eagle Electric

More to be added/edited later!!!

w00t! I scored a 2nd TM MK-23 from Dentrinity for $58.00!!! This one came w/o LAM and Silencer, but I have some upgrades planned for this baby Very Happy

So far I added:

  • First Factory 20mm Under Mount Base
  • KM TN Giga Valve for Marui MK23 Fixed Slide
  • G&P Tactical Light, Single Cell
  • ICS Flash Light Mount
  • ICS Laser
  • ICS Laser Mount

This is my version of the "Poor Mans" LAM unit. The nice part is this LAM is modular and will work on almost any of my rigs.

My 2 TM, HK MK23's side by side.

Chrono results (FPS)
Green Gas
.20 BB's
Min: 338.22
Max: 350.93
Avg: 345.79

Tokyo Marui – HK G3/SG1

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)
Date Acquired: 01/2002

Well, I've negelected my poor G3/SG1 long enough… This guns internals are still as good as new so the only things left for me to do was add external upgrades.

Added some external upgrades to my ol' G3/SG1

This gun now includes the following:

  • WGC Marui AEG's 450 Standard Upgrade Plan II
  • G&G RIS Foregrip (Yes! It's G3/SG1 Bipod Compatible)
  • Bushmaster RIS Covers
  • Marui Knight's Vertical Grip
  • G&G MSG-90 Stock
  • Leapers 3-9X40 Rubber Armored Full Size Scope
  • Guarder HK Scope Mount
  • Butler Creek Fliptop Scope Covers
  • HK Sling
  • Bushmaster Hard Rifle Case

I wanted to get a sniper rifle. Something I could mount a big scope and upgrade the gearbox and srping to fire as far as possible, while still retaining full auto capabilities. I ordered this rig from []Wargameclub[/url] and had the follwoing installed:

  • Marui AEG's 450 Standard Upgrade Plan II

Currently this is how the rig looks

This rig is great for sniping and long range fire support with it's full auto capabilites. With the upgraded gearbox I shoot much heavier bb's which adds to the bb's flight stability. The hopup works great and the integrated bipod works well. Future upgrade would be to add a more accurate inner barrel and possibly a G&G R.I.S. foregrip.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 423.51
Max: 430.72
Avg: 426.84

Hudson – Jericho

Manufacturer: Hudson Industry (Japan)
Type: Gas Blow Back
Date Acquired: 03/2003

Well I love the Anime, Cowboy Bebop (Check in other sections of this site for more info) and I just scored the Jericho (Baby Desert Eagle) used by one of the Cowboy Bebop characters Spike Spiegel.

First impressions… Very beautiful model of a gun!!! It's an exact copy of the real steel version down to all the IMI markings. It's a Gas Blowback gun with Plastic slide and metal frame. How does it shoot??? Did I say it was a beautiful model of a gun???


It's shoots?Terrible! the 2 mags I have leaked on 134a Gas new! ? When it did fire bb's arc'd left and right.


Con's (I really have no Pro's)

  • Can?ONLY use HFC134a
  • Slide is built of Cold Cast Resin.? Very thick and brittle
  • No Metal Slides were ever produced. (Typical of Hudson Guns)
  • No After Market Upgrades (Typical of Hudson Guns)
  • No Replacement Parts (Typical of Hudson Guns)

KJW – HK USP Tactical

Manufacturer: KJW – Kuan Ju Works
Type: Gas Blow Back
Street Price: $80.00

Well the price was hard to beat for a Gas Blowback Pistol that shoots all upgraded gases so I had to check out one of these guns for myself.

First impressions… well the quality is very "rough" compared to Japanese airsoft guns. The plastic slide doesn't match the frame color and things just don't seem as refined, but loading it up with green gas and firing was another story. This gun is loud! The slide action is crisp if not a bit scary. This version came with a threaded barell which will accept a 14mm counter clockwise silencer.

When pulling the trigger, it feels like theres sand or grit in the trigger mechanism. Field stripping this gun is no fun, due to some poorly aligned tolerances.

But it did answer my question on the build and quality of KJWs. Bottom line save a litel more money for quality. I will keep buying Japanese guns though.

I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I sold this thing.

Chrono Results (FPS)
Green Gas
.20 BB's
Min: 276.27
Max: 286.88
Avg: 282.94

I found out 1 thing from the chrono results which I was amazed was kind of low in relation to the loud bang when fired. Most gas seems to be used to cycle the slide rather then propel the BB. Even with a silencer installed, the sound is not significantly decreased as with other GBB pistols using the same silencer.

Tokyo Marui – M1A1 Thompson

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEG
Date Acquired: 04/2003

This gun came originally from our friend Guinness who sold it to another of our friends Stangman, but now it is owned by me. Below is Stang's review of the Thompson.


When the box arrived at my house I picked it up and since I've never held a airsoft gun before I didnt' know how heavy the box would be, but wow this thing had some weight to it. So I take it in my room cut open the whole roll of packing tape that my buddy Guinness put on there (guy I bought it from), and low and behold a BadAss M1A1 sitting right in the box just aching to be used and abused. The only problem was I didn't have any BBs…DOH!

Ok so the BBs finally arrive, and I charge up the battery, fill up my hi-cap and go into my backyard. So whats the first thing i do when i get out there? Ya you guessed it…FULL AUTO.

After I finished coating my backyard with little white BBs I decided to go get my friend to shoot me in the back a few times to see what it feels like, and as you probly know they dont hurt as much as paintballs but they do sting alittle. So enough with this boring crap you've been reading onto the good stuff.

1) no wobbles at all, just be sure to keep the screws tight
2) wood looks(and to me feels) real
3) nearly real weight(feels like you could drop it from 100stories up and it wouldn't break)
4) fairly accurate for how short the inner barrel is.
5) feels very well balanced

1) From what i've heard its a tight fit for the internals so it makes it alittle more difficult to upgrade.
2) If you are a girly man, this might be alittle heavy for you
3) the selector switches feel like you can break them off if you give it a good tug in the wrong direction

STUFF THATS NOT A PRO OR A CON (well maybe a few can if you think of it a certain way):
When going from full auto to single shot it will do 2-3rnd burst for 2 trigger pulls then it will go to single shot. (i dont know if this is normal or if something is wrong)

I chronoed the gun it is 270(+-5fps).

The clip goes in nice and smooth. When its in there its not coming out, no wobble at all, unless you release the latch (DUH).

Cocking slide that slides open…WEEEE!!! even though it does nothing its interesting, it feels kinda flimsy(even though it is metal) so i usually leave it alone

this review is subject to change when i play with it alittle more

Tokyo Marui – HK MC-51 Custom – DEN Custom Neo G3 Shorty

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)
Date Acquired: 03/2002?

Based on a Marui MC51 but with a full stock modified to accept a 9.6 battery. The DEN Custom Neo G3 Shorty….

This rig was inspired by a custom gun built by a local Airsoft Retailer, Airsoft Extreme but mine is the "budget" version since I could piece the parts I really wanted and omit some of the pricier ones.

  1. 400fps Spring and Gearbox upgrade
  2. Marui G3 Full Stock Modified for 9.6 Battery
  3. G&G R.I.S. Foregrip
  4. Guarder Scope Mount
  5. Simmons 42mm Red Dot Scope
  6. Guarder Scope Mount
  7. Butler Creek Fliptop Scope Covers
  8. Bushmaster R.I.S. Shields
  9. Guarder 3 Point Sling

Currently this is how the rig looks

This rig is my favorite at this time. It is very accurate and will cut a soda can in half. The G&G foregrip make this rig very rigid. It's a large framed rifle so it feels very substantial when held, but the weight is light (Good for all day skirmishes). The hop up unit is great (same on as in the G3/SG1) and this rig is a pleasure to fire.

As of Aug, 2006, this AEG is still in "like new" operating condition since it's 2002 original purchase/build.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 398.75
Max: 400.17
Avg: 399.88