Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Military Helmet

Manufacturer: Ops-Core (USA)
Type: Helmet

FAST Base Jump Military Helmet

The Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Military Helmet is a non ballistic protection, tactical helmet system. The Base Jump Military series weigh around 1.5 lbs and includes the following features:

  • Integrated military style Head-Loc chinstrap
  • Lightweight, multi-impact, ventilated liner with repositionable EPP impact pads and LDV closed-cell comfort foam that is not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture
  • 1/2″ and 3/4″ EPP pads come with the helmet
  • Occ-Dial adjustable fitband with replaceable leather front, nape, and side pads quickly detaches to allow convenient donning and doffing of COMMs headsets with internal top headbands
  • FAST-ARCs – 4 Position Accessory Rail Connectors: non-snag attachment points for quick yet secure donning or doffing of headborne accessories, including lights, cameras, goggles, COMMs, mandibles, etc
  • Molded-in front mount to attach lights, cameras and NVG brackets
  • Bungees for NVG stability
  • Side Velcro loop for patches and illuminators
  • Includes a Picatinny Adapter and Wing-Loc Adapter for the side rail and Universal Adapter for the front mount

FAST Base Jump Military Helmet

The NVG Mount is molded into the plastic shell and will accept US Army, Notoros AKA2 and Wilcox G24 NVG Arms. It will also accommodate Go Pro Helmet Cams, Princeton Remix Lights and other upcoming products. The Head-loc chinstrap system is easy to adjust and once adjusted, stays in place. This combined with the Occ-Dial Fitband which lets you dial in the head band pressure for a custom fit.

3/4″ and 1″ Internal pads are included and held in the helmet by specifically placed hook Velcro. Notice the channel between the pads at the crown of the head. This is to accommodate headsets.

The side rails will accommodate Ops-Core adapters. The helmet ships with 1 Picatinny and 1 Wing-Loc adapter. I have an additional Picatinny adapter and 1 set of Goggle Swivel Clamps. These adapters are all plastic. The Picatinny adapters need some adjustments to work with “slide on” type mounts (i.e. M3 Weapon Lights, Plastic Light Mounts, etc). They Picatinny adapters are not easily adjusted or removable after install, but the Wing-Lok adapters are made for gloved use and are much easier to operate when helmet is worn.

FAST Base Jump Military Helmet Loaded Up

FAST Base Jump Military Helmet Loaded Up w/ Headset

Tan ESS Goggle arrived and you have to cut the strap to use with the Goggle Clip system. The goggles buckles are reusable and I just used a lighter to melt the cut ends to prevent fraying. . If you have ARC style side rails on your helmet, these goggle clips are the way to go. With a little practice, you can don/remove the goggles with 1 hand.

FAST Base Jump Military Helmet with Goggle Clips

For airsoft play requiring a full face mask, I modified a Hakkotsu Iron Face lower and mounted it directly on a set of ESS Goggles. I used a combination of plastic rivets and zip ties. This enables me to still us the helmet’s chinstrap normally and allows me to remove the goggles and face mask without having to remove the helmet. It is much more comfortable this way. This setup doesn’t work well with Peltor or Sordin style headsets, but works fine with swimmers/frogman/bowman style single ear setups.

FAST Base Jump Military Helmet with Goggle Clips and Modified Hakkotsu Iron Face Mask

Just received the Crye Precision – Airframe Helmet Cover. Click picture for more details.

Crye Precision – Airframe Helmet Cover

CVC Helmet Conversions

CVC Helmet Conversions

From Left to Right. DH-132 Fiberglass Bump Helmet, DH132B, DH-132A

I’ve owned a CVC (Combat Vehicle Crewman) helmets for a long time. Recently I’ve been seeing CVC Helmet conversions being sold on eBay, but with questionable claims and titles on how their history.

These are simply the outer shells of CVC helmet, with a new suspension and chinstrap system installed. Night vision goggle mounts, Velcro and goggle retention straps are optional, but easy enough to add-on if you wish. When shopping on CVC helmets, there are a few types to look out for:

  • DH-132 – Fiberglass only shell.
  • DH-132A – Kevlar rated 1400 fps ballistic resistance.
  • DH-132B – Kevlar rated 2150 fps ballistic resistance. Identifiable due to thickness of Kevlar and double bolts over each temple area.

The helmets can easily accommodate headsets and hearing protection (i.e. Peltors, Sordins, etc) due to the high ear openings.

DH-132B Conversion with 2011 Ops-Core ACH Head-Loc? Retention System H-Nape System

I usually use a set of USGI 4 point chin straps which come in either black or ACU green. On the above helmet, I used the 2011 Ops-Core ACH Head-Loc? Retention System H-Nape. It costs 3-4 times more then a USGI setup, but it is worth it if you plan on wearing the helmet for periods of time. The Ops-Core strap system is very easy to adjust and made for use with things like NVG’s or other devices which may unbalance the helmet.

Star Wars Inspired DH132A Conversions

Created a few “Themed” Conversions of DH-132A Helmets. The Black Imperial Helmet, uses the Skydex Ballistic Helmet pad/Suspension Kit and Ops-Core VAS Shroud. The Tan Rebel Helmet uses USGI ACH Suspension/Pads and anodized NVG Mount.

Nike – SFB (Special Field Boot)

Manufacturer: Nike (USA)
Type: Tactical Footwear

Nike – SFB (Special Field Boot)

The Nike – SFB (Special Field Boot) is Nike’s version of a hot weather, combat boot. I own Oakley, OTB and Converse assault boots too, but the Nike’s are the lightest weight and have the best ventilation of all of them. The insoles (see below) are just cool looking and have vents in the arch. The synthetic upper has the tongue sewed in all the way to the top of the boot. .

Unlike most other boots, the Nike SFB sole is very flexible. Typically with most combat style boots, your heel makes real positive contact as you walk. The SFB’s entire sole moves and flexes with your foot as you walk. You feel very "light footed’ in these compared to other boots.

Will report back on field durability soon.

Nike’s propaganda:

The Nike Special Field Boot: Built for high-speed responders

A modern, athletic boot designed for first responders, the Nike Special Field Boot was engineered to the specifications of world-class heroes, from military professionals to rescue and law personnel. The result: the lightest, fastest-drying, highest-mobility performance boot Nike has ever made.

Quick-drying synthetic leather overlays for durability and support
Multiple ventilation zones that allow the boot to breathe and drain quickly
Genuine leather footbed for durability, flexibility and comfort
Nike Free-inspired outsole, designed for traction and a natural range of motion
Sticky rubber forefoot lugs for exceptional traction on all terrain
Weighs 15.9 oz (men’s size 9), about two-thirds the weight of traditional boots

First responders are athletes in every sense of the word?but their moves are infinitely more vital. To meet their intense physical demands, the Nike SFB was built with the latest athletic footwear technology. Parts of the forefoot are puncture- and laceration-resistant, while the midsole is super-cushioned and extra flexible, ensuring a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The directional-traction outsole features reverse edges and a slightly raised heel for better grip when walking and running downhill.

Synthetic leather overlays make the Nike SFB tough yet bendy, requiring no break-in period. It’s comfortable right out of the box. The sturdy outer shell creates a snug fit, protects against scuffing, and helps keep water out, while the anatomical sockliner moves easily with the foot and adds support and cushioning. A special lock-lace system helps keep the foot in place and maintain a comfortable, customized fit during extended wear.

The Nike Special Field Boot is made for hot weather. Breathable, quick-drying fibers work to keep the foot comfortable in warm conditions, and sweat-wicking materials help the boot dry out fast.

During World War II, Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman served as a member of the 10th Mountain Division in Italy. Upon his return, he became the head track and field coach at his alma mater, the University of Oregon. It was there that he honed a gift for creating high-performance footwear for his athletes. This boot is a realization of both of Bowerman’s worlds.

Nike – SFB Insoles

Emdom USA – CM Belt

Manufacturer: Emdom USA (USA)
Type: Tactical Gear

Emdom USA – CM Belt (Crye Gun Clip not included)

The Emdom USA – CM Belt is a collaborative design by MM of militarymorons.com and Emdom USA.

‘CM’ stands for ‘Cingulum Militare’, which is Latin for the military belt that the warriors of ancient Rome hung their sword and dagger from.

The CM belt is constructed of 1000 D mil-spec Cordura Nylon wrapped around a stiff HDPE insert which provides the necessary rigidity for load bearing without collapse. Inside the belt is 1″ wide webbing lined with loop Velcro, bartacked at regular intervals to create mounting loops. The first three loops at each end/side are 2.5″ wide. These loops fit and secure holsters, or subloads that use 2″ or 1″ attachments. The rest of the loops are 1.5″ wide. Both the 2.5″ and 1.5″ loops are compatible with the Emdom Battle Suspender, MALICE Clips, ALICE and PALS pouches, preventing them from sliding along the belt. For pouches using Velcro wrap-around straps, the loop Velcro on the top of the 1.5″ or 2.5″ wide mounting loops will secure them in place.

The newly release ITW 2″ Snap Dragon buckle (IR) is selected as the belt buckle for the CM belt. The buckle is super tough, and has a unique locking mechanism which prevents accidental opening in prone or under high stress situations, as it does not release when pressed in the front or sides like some other buckles. The buckle can be instantly released by pulling on the quick-release tab located at the female side of the buckle (see pictures). The quick release tab is made of 1″ wide webbing with a female snap on the end. The female snap is neatly secured to the male snap located on one of the belt keeper loops.

Emdom USA – CM Belt with OSOE Rallyman Pouch

I have a few other padded MOLLE type belts (Tactical Tailor and ATS), but I liked that the design of the Emdom CM where you can use MOLLE compatible ouches w/o bulking up on a padded system. The new ITW Buckle is very solid and will not accidentally open on heavy load.

Emdom USA – CM Belt with Crye Gun Clip