Vanaras – 3x Magnifier w/ QD Twist Mount

Manufacturer: Vanaras, (China)
Type: Optics

Valaras – 3x Magnifier w/ QD Twist Mount

The Valaras – 3x Magnifier w/ QD Twist Mount is a replica of the Aimpoint 3x Magnifier w/ QD Twist Mount. Physically it’s build is a metal 30mm tube with rubber armored cover and Aimpoint trademarks. It’s a great facsimile of the original. The QD Twist Mount is also a spot on replica and functions well. It comes with windage and elevation adjustments even though it has no reticle. It does adjust the reticle of whatever reddot sight you choose to use.

Valaras – 3x Magnifier w/ QD Twist Mount

All the pieces fit pretty tightly together. There is a bit of play in the QD Twist Mount though, but that doesn’t effect performance. The glass used is surprisingly clear, but unfortunately eye relief is pretty bad. The Valaras replica has about a 1" -1.5" inch eye relief. Real Aimpoint 3x’s have up to a 2.5" Eye relief. The QD Twist Mount works well, but you have to remove the magnifier entirely to clear your red dot sight. This QD Twist Mount is relatively low and meant to work with a standard "L" style 30mm mount. You will need risers for it to work with a cantilever type of mount or an EOTech.

Hendsholt 1.5x Magnifier w/ Larue Side Flip Mount, Top
Valaras – 3x Magnifier w/ QD Twist Mount, Bottom.

I also own a Hendsholt 1.5x Magnifier on a Larue Side Flip Mount and was planning to use the Valaras on the Larue Side Flip mount, but the Hendsholt Magnifier has much better eye relief and optics. I also prefer the over all higher height of the Larue setup.

Side by Side Setups

On my EOTech 511, I’m using the Larue ESOC-C Mount, which has a built in riser to the rear of the mount and it accommodate the QD Twist Mount perfectly.

GWS – Offset Vertical Grip

Manufacturer: GWS, (Hong Kong)
Type:External Body Add-on

GWS – Offset Vertical Grip

The GWS – Offset Vertical Grip is a replica of the Kreb’s Custom Offset Vertical grip they design for use on the BHI SOPMOD AK. For a few years now I’ve been trying to buy the real Kreb’s grip, but I never was able to find 1 for sale and sadly it seems they’ve been discontinued. Luckily GWS made a replica of the Krebs Grip recently, and even though I had a bad experience with GWS‘ parts already, I had to add this for the price.

GWS – Offset Vertical Grip with Surefire sharing the same rail

The build is all plastic with metal allen screws. This grip mounts to the side rail which aids in AK47 magazine removal (See Below). You’ll notice the "C" cutout on the side of the grip. This accommodate the use of a Tactical Light on the same side rail and the positioning of the tail cap switch near your thumb.

GWS – Offset Vertical Grip – Full View

The offset aspect of the grip allows for an AK-47 style magazine to be released and pushed forward for removal. With a normal vertical grip on the bottom rail, the more curved AK47 magazines will sometimes hit the grip during removal.

Craft Apple Works – M1014 Shotgun

Manufacturer: Craft Apple Works (Japan)
Type: Spring Pump Shotgun
Date Acquired: 01/2008

CAW – M1014 Shotgun

The CAW – M1014 Shotgun, is modeled after the The M1014, Joint Service Combat Shotgun, used my the U.S. Marine Corps. The Real M1014 is the military version of the Benelli M4, which is a semi auto, 12 gauge shotgun.

The CAW – M1014 Shotgun is pump action, unlike the real M1014 and typical to most CAW replicas, mostly made of plastic. The replica itself is visually accurate. It comes standard with the upper rail, Ghost Ring sights, pistol grip, sliding stock and 29 round magazine.

CAW – M1014 Shotgun

The CAW – M1014 Shotgun is a single pump, single bb, type of shotgun and has fixed hop-up. Chrono results form Hong kong retailer websites are stating 260 fps with .20 bb’s, but for some reason this specific M1014 shoots a little higher. Luckily there doesn’t seem to be any ill effects from the fixed hop-up.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 298.32
Max: 301.25
Avg: 299.30 – P90 Magazine Clamp

{simple grade:3}
Manufacturer: (USA)
Type: Magazine Clamp – P90 Magazine Clamp

I saw this unique magazine clamp device in ARM’s Magazine, Nov 2007, in one of their Real Steel articles. I really liked the unique look of using this device and at $29.00, it was affordable.

Unfortunately I purchased this before I read my buddy Shinden’s (Poweredge Hawaii) post about the TM P90 magazines being taller then the Real Steel P90 magazine. So I needed to make notches in the TM P90 magazines. It’s not a task for a Dremel, but fortunately a drill press, and some patience did the trick. – P90 Magazine Clamp

Intel – AEX L.A. – 11.06.07

A few more tidbits o’ info.

Trigger Happy – M240

Deceptively light at around 10 lbs, but rock solid in build, the Trigger Happy M240 is an awesome AEG. It utilizes the VFC MK43 gearbox and shoots around 360 fps with .20’s.

Take down and features operate very closely to how a real M240 breaks down. Barrel assembly is easily removed to give acces to an anodized hop-up dial.

Tokyo Marui – Detonics

I’ve never been a big fan of compact handguns, but since it’s a Tokyo Marui and a new release, it was worth checking out.

I was suprised to see how compact the TM Detonics is compared to the Marushin Detonics.. The TM version is tiny.

It was a cooler evening in Socal and this chrono’d around 265 fps on Green Gas.

Maruzen – MP5K Charger

Open bolt gas blow back fun… But 134a only if you want to keep it reliable.

With 134a it single shot at around 220fps. Full auto it dropped down to 180fps ;(



Retailer/Manufacturer – Larue Tactical – USA

LaRue Tactical

LaRue Tactical out of Texas is primarily a Real Steel supplier of AR Accessories. But their innovative designs, and customer service will interest the avid airsofter. I’ve made a few purchases form LaRue over the last year. Items such as:

LaRue Tactical – 30mm Pivot Mount w/ Hendsholt 2.5 Magnifier

LaRue Tactical – M68 Cantilever Mount

LaRue Tactical – ECOS-C EOTech Mount

The LaRue quality is top notch and their products all seem to have some thought put behind the design. For example the LaRue Tactical – 30mm Pivot Mount w/ Hendsholt 2.5 Magnifier is an under $200 solution which included mount and optics. Works great and a fraction of the cost of Aimpoint’s or Eotech’s magnifier solutions. The LaRue Tactical – ECOS-C EOTech Mount not only gives your EOTech a QD Lever Throw mounting solution, the rear riser is the perfect height for an Aimpoint Magnifier or any low mount NV device.

And a nice holiday surprise LaRue sent was:

LaRue Tactical – 2007 Holiday Dillio/Field Survival Device/Xmas Ornament

LaRue Tactical – 2008 Holiday Dillio/Field Survival Device/Xmas Ornament