Oakley – Basic Training Shoes (Desert)

Manufacturer: Oakley
Type: Footwear

Still keeping an eye out for the Merrel Sawtooth’s, I ran across these new Oakley Basic Training Shoes in Desert. These are also in the Oakley’s Tactical Field Gear, like my Flak Jacket Boots, but which is different from Oakley’s S.I. (Standard Issue) Military Line.

Oakley – Basic Training Shoes in Desert

Oakley’s propganda as follows:

When we engineered this performance tool, we looked past all the hyped-up claims of the industry, all the razzle-dazzle of bogus science and all the mutants on the market that pass for athletic shoes. We followed the physical training standards of the world?s most elite fighting units. Basic Training? is for those who cannot afford to compromise when performance is an absolute imperative.
What makes Basic Training? so different is the way it meshes with muscles in motion, supporting your bones and working with your anatomy, not against it. This design features a specially formulated midsole which stands up to the kind of pounding that crushes ordinary soles before your shoes even start to look worn. We even added moisture wicking in critical zones, so there?s nothing to distract your performance. If you?re serious about training, this is the level of technology you deserve.

  • Lightweight microfiber and synthetic leather for maximized comfort, durability and support
  • Versatile athletic performance in a rugged design that meets physical training standards of the world?s most elite fighting units
  • Specially formulated midsole of lightweight EVA for responsive, resilient shock absorption
  • Abrasion resistant rubber tread with balanced traction and low profile design for multi-terrain performance

Direct link to product: http://oakley.com/pd/5488/18803

Intel – AEX L.A. – 04.24.08

I’m going to combine my last couple of visits in 1 post.


The Star SCAR with EGLM made an appearence!

 AEX received a Star SCAR in stock with EGLM today, and of course, I had to not only test the Star Scar out, but had to test fire the EGLM on all the different SCARS; )

The build was pretty rough when compared to both VFC and CA. Star seemed to have copied the VFC with the rear battery hinge contacts. this specific SCAR had a very loose lower rail. Which unfortunately made the EGLM feel "wobbly" on the Star SCAR. The Star SCAR fired at around 355 fps, and gearbox sounded nice a strong.



 Star EGLM
The Star SCAR EGLM can fire 40mm airsoft grenades. It sides open in much the same way as an under slung M203 style launcher. But when launcher is fully opened, you can cant the launcher tube left or right to aid in grenade insertion. The build is mostly plastic. The trigger placement is great where you can still engage the trigger on the SCAR itself and the launcher simultaneously.

 The Launcher attaches to the lower rail of the SCAR. The 2 side Quick Detach levers are actually more like side pressure levers. There are 2 threaded set screw holes which actually secure the launcher to the lower rail. it works perfectly on the Star and VFC SCARs, but the set screws do not line up correctly on a CA SCARs.

 Star EGLM Mounted on a VFC SCAR
Mounting and fit were extremely easy on a VFC SCAR.
 Star EGLM Mounted on a CA SCAR
Mounting and fit were slightly "off" on the CA SCAR series. As mentioned above, the set screw holes were off on the CA Scar rails. We could only use the QD pressure side levers to secure the launcher. The magwell also didn’t line up 100%, so you had to "wiggle" the magazines in place.


It was a great day for AK variants at the shop!

Realsword – Type 56
 The Realsword AK is the closest airsoft replica I’ve held, when I directly compare it to my Norinco AK. You can see and feel where they used real AK parts modified for airsoft use. The magazines seem to be gutted real magazine, with 150 round midcap internals. The Type 56 shoots around 310 fps with .20’s. The gearbox/motor noise is noticeably more "muffled" then in other AK AEG’s.

USCM’s – GWS Bizon
 USCM is a customer and friend of AEX. He definitely likes the more rare airsoft weapons. These guns that I label as his are NOT for sale at AEX, but he does bring them by to let us check them out which is greatly appreciated.

About a month ago he dropped of his GWS Bizon, for the AEX techs to do some work on. I was extremely impressed with the overall build of this GWS AEG. I’ve had quality issues with GWS parts I’ve purchased on my own, but this fully built GWS AEG is solid. That under slung tube style magazine holds 750 rounds.

USCM’s – TSI Galil SAR
USCM brought by 2 of his TSI Armories Galils. TSI is a U.S. based airsoft "manufacturer". Not sure what internals they used, but their externals and build are very nice.

The SAR is a Medium sized Galil. Metal body with polymer furniture. The TSI build everything is put together very well. 1 neat feature is flip up night sights which work in conjunction with iron sights.

USCM’s – TSI Galil MAR
USMC also brought by his Galil MAR. The MAR, also known as the Micro Galil is as SMG sized Galil. Metal body with polymer furniture. The TSI build everything is put together very well just as with the SAR mentioned above.


Full Clip USA – Dump Pouch – Multicam

Manufacturer: Full Clip USA (USA)
Type: Ammo Dump Pouch

Full Clip USA –
Dump Pouch – Multicam

This is 1 of the neatest gear ideas I’ve seen in a while. I saw it a few months back in its’ "prototype" phase and am so happy to see them finally released. This is an AEX exclusive.

"So it looks like a Dino Egg in MC… What’s the deal?" ORCA said…

Full Clip USA – Dump Pouch – Multicam (Step 1)

With a pull on the easy to grasp middle webbing tab, and you will see both opposing zippers on each side unzip.

Full Clip USA – Dump Pouch – Multicam (Step 2)

You’ll now notice a good sized nylon bag unfurl.

Full Clip USA – Dump Pouch – Multicam (Step 3)

And voila! I lightweight, fast deploy, small footprint dump pouch. Genius! This is mounted on my Tactical Tailor Modular Padded Belt, but can easily be mounted on any PALS compatible webbing setup.

Bruiser @ AEX’s description (He’s a much better writer then I)

AEX introduces the new and highly unique Full Clip USA Dump Pouch. 100% Made in USA with authentic Multicam?.

The Full Clip USA Dump Pouch is a totally new, highly innovative, and unique design. When not in use, it is highly compact (only 7inches long by 2 inches wide) and takes up only 1 row of PALS webbing on a vest. To deploy, just pull down on the quick release tab and the 2 side zippers silently and stealthily opens to reveal a pouch with enough capacity to hold a 2 liter soda bottle or MANY spent magazines. There is a heavy duty reinforced grommet hole at the bottom of the pouch to allow sand or water to pour through and an elastic cinch band around the opening to allow you to secure what you are carrying in the dump pouch. When you don?t need it anymore, just roll up the pouch, fold it into the nylon clamshell, and pull up the zippers on both sides. Just make sure to expose the quick release tab at the top for rapid redeployment.

At this time these are only available at AEX.

I received a couple of questions on the dump pouch, from user Talon 0315 on Arnie’s.

Q – How many AR mags can the dump pouch hold panic-shoved?
A – Don’t know about "panic-shoved" but max capacity is 17-19. Hope that gives you an idea of how many in specific circumstances.

Full Clip USA – Dump Pouch – Loaded with 17, M16 style Magazines

Full Clip USA – Dump Pouch – Loaded with 17, M16 style Magazines. Note some magazines had Magpuls and these are all metal midcaps, so total weight was about 8 lbs of magazines.

Q – Did it come with MALICE clips?
A- No, it has an attached PALS strap. You can just tuck it away if you want to use MALICE or BHI Speed Clips no problem.

Q – How secure was the top of the deployed pouch – could you run around without fear of losing magazines?
A – Elastic drawstring and pressure fastener. Nothing should fall out when running around. But this will all depend on the situation.

Full Clip USA – Dump Pouch – Top Fastener View

Magpul – PMAG Ranger Plates

Manufacturer: Magpul Industries (USA)
Type: Magazine Add-ons

Magpul – PMAG Ranger Plates

Not much more needed to describe these and what the Ranger Plates actually do. But they function in the same way as the original Magpul Ranger Plates. Just happy they made these for the PMAGs.

Original SOE – Mookie War Rig – Light – Desert Brown – Front

Manufacturer: Original S.O.E. Gear (USA)
Type: Chest Rig

Original SOE –
MWR-L – Desert Brown – Front

Every geardo at some time will have to own something created by John Willis and this was the time for me to get the Mookie War Rig – Light. AEX recently got a limited run of these chest rigs in stock.

The original MWR was custom developed for direct action warfare for some Navy SEALs and private contractors. This Light version of the MWR is perfect for rapid deployment and low profile usage (can be worn under a jacket) and is much more comfortable and lightweight.

The MWR-Light features:

  • 4 x single magazine pouches with adjustable flaps
  • In addition to being adjustable to fit everything from an M4 mag with Magpuls to an AK mag, the removable pouch flaps are Velcro and snap secured and have built in speed pull tabs
  • Side PALS webbing to fit accessory pouches or more mag pouches as needed
  • Quick release padded shoulder pads for comfort and fast egress
  • Elastic tube on right shoulder strap for hydration tube or comm system wire routing.
  • Double layer construction
  • Zippered main compartment pouch with internal PALS webbing that can be used for an internal pistol holster like the Eagle G-Code or Blackhawk CQC holster.
  • Can attach optional OSOE hydration carrier

Original SOE – MWR-L – Desert Brown – Front

Original SOE (Special Operations Equipment) is a long-time maker of custom tactical gear based in San Diego. John Willis deigned gear is well-known in the special operator community and among civilian tactical shooting enthusiasts for being very well-built and extremely rugged. His gear has been featured in publications and was highly featured in ARMS Magazine (the largest Japanese airsoft/gun magazine) for many years.