Tokyo Marui – FN P90

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)
Date Acquired: 05/2001

Tokyo Marui – P90

This was the first decent quality airsoft gun I acquired. A good friend of mine actually bought it for me from AEX so it's that much more special. I have kept everything stock on it except adding an AS P90 Silencer and East P90 Sling. The details on this AEG are great. There are even have fake bullets in the low cap magazine. It includes an integrated red dot scope and my friends and I have found the P90 to be very accurate (We were shooting the petals off a daisy at 20').

The way that the scope is mounted does have some limitations if you wear a full face mask though. It has a good R.O.F. (rate of fire) due to the EG1000 motor that comes standard. The firing selector switch works well and you can easily switch from semi auto to full auto.

ORCA's P90

The silencer really works and "FN Project 90" is printed on the side. The East sling is simple, works well and very affordable.

The P90 is and odd looking rig, and takes a little getting used to carrying. But it fits the bill in being smaller then a collapsed MP5, but having a longer barrel for accuracy and a shoulder stock that is always at the ready.

ORCA's P90

When people ask me what the best quality AEG is I without hesitation say Tokyo Marui. Not only because they are the originator of the AEG, and are the most copied. But for the simple fact my P90 has been running the same since 2001. Tokyo Marui is a bonfide toy company in Japan. Their quality has to be top notch to have done well in the Japanese toy/hobby market for so long. (See a TM commercial from way back in 1991)

The P90 by far is the most shot AEG in my collection due to most non airsoft peeps not knowing what it is and curious to shoot. The TM P90 has never disappointed and mine has been the cause of a few of my friends dumping some major money into airsoft.

Chrono Results
.20 BB's
Min: 280.72
Max: 283.75
Avg: 282.56

ORCA's P90 – Current Mods – 2008