CMMG 16″ MedCon AR-15

  • CMMG 16" Medcon Upper
  • CMMG Lower
  • Ammo Bros (DPMS) LPK
  • Midwest Industries Low Profile gas Block
  • Midwest Industries 10" Free Float Rail System MCTAR-24
  • Magpul MIAD Grip
  • Prince 50 Mag Lock installed
  • Watson Weapons Takedown Pin with Pull ring
  • Magpul CTR Stock Black
  • Milspec Buffer Tube Assembly
  • Midwest Industries Rear Sling Adapter
  • Ciener .22LR Conversion Kit
  • Black Dog .22 Magazines

Aimpoint – Killflash Filter

Manufacturer: Aimpoint (USA)
Type: Killflash Filter

Aimpoint – Killflash Filter

The Aimpoint – Killflash Filter, is an Anti Reflection Device. This attaches to real Aipoints adn with some work can be made to attach to a clone Aimpoint Optic. It is a very low profile add-on, but works well.

Trigger Happy – EBR CQB Kit

Manufacturer: Trigger Happy (Korea)
Type: Stock Conversion

Trigger Happy – EBR CQB Kit on a TM M14 SOCOM

The Trigger Happy EBR CQB Conversion uses an M4 style buttstock over the Sage style buttstock. Since the intial release of the Trigger Happy EBR, GLock 17 Slide Sets and SF Silencer, I have been very impressed with the build quality of all their products to date.

The advantage of using an M4 style buttstock is you can use a battery capable butt stock. The EBR Conversion is already set to be rear wired, with holes and wiring pass throughs already ready for use.

Trigger Happy – EBR CQB Kit.

I set this 1 up with a G&P crane stock. Helps keep the EBR from getting front heavy.

It was an easy installation like the first Trigger Happy EBR version. If you choose to rear wire it even an easier install since you only need to make 1 wire extension and use existing connectors..

Classic Army – Killflash, Aluminium Honeycomb Filter

Manufacturer: Classic Army (Hong Kong)
Type: Killflash, Aluminium Honeycomb Filter

Classic Army – Killflash, Aluminium Honeycomb Filter

The Classic Army – Killflash, Aluminium Honeycomb Filter, is CA's version of the Aimpoint Kill Flash Anti Reflection Device. The CA version is much longer and should attach to any aimpoint clone. I've attached it to King Arms, Guarder, AMP Tactical and G&P Aimpoint copies.

Classic Army – Honeycomb Filter on a Guarder Reddot mounted on an M14 EBR CQB.

Installation requires the removal of a threaded retention ring on the optic itself. The this untit simply screws on.

Guarder – Rifle Rack for Long Arms 2007 Version

Manufacturer: Guarder (Taiwan)
Type: Rifle Rack for Long Arms 2007 Version

Guarder – Rifle Rack for Long Arms 2007 Version

The Guarder Rifle Rack for Long Arms, 2007 Version, holds 6 Long Arms vertically. I chose this over locally built rifle racks due to its' simplicity and the deal I was able to get locally.

Guarder – Rifle Rack – Loaded

Evike imported these and put them on sale for $99.00. You get free ground shipping for orders over $100.00, so this became an easy decision for me. Most vertical rifle racks built and sold in the U.S. will cost you $90.00 + $35.00 for ground shipping. But on my specific order, Evike did not actually have any of these new in stock. But they did have a used, floor model that was slightly dented and they sold it to me for $85.00 plus free shipping.

Tokyo Marui – VZ61 Skorpion

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEP

Tokyo Marui – VZ61 Skorpion

This AEP caught my eye mainly for the fact it has an all metal lower receiver. Upon closer inspection, the workmanship of this small SMG is highly detailed. This gun uses a lower voltage 7.2 volt battery pack, but surprisingly it's performance is impressive for it's battery voltage.

Tokyo Marui – VZ61 Skorpion

The battery pack is easily accessible through the bottom of the pistol grip an includes a battery ejection handle. Another nice functional design addition. And for an AEP the fps performance is pretty impressive.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 236.82
Max: 242.36
Avg: 239.01