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I have purchased many airsoft guns and accessories from Hong Kong and locally here in California. I have been very fortunate to have met an dealt with some great people and purchased some great airsoft products and services. I have purchased Airsoft products from Hong Kong retailers; Dentrinity, Wargameclub and Redwolf Airsoft. Locally (Southern California), I have purchased/serviced from Airsoft Extreme and The Qproject. All of these aforementioned airsoft retailers get an A+ from me in how they communicate, ship and the quality of products and services received.


So it pains me to write a negative review of Tokyo Hobby ( Being in the U.S., I was very excited to find a retailer selling direct from Japan. When I checked their website and signed up for their newsletter they sent an email out on 08/06/2002 announcing a review and presale of Tokyo Marui MK23 Fixed Slide for $99.00. Having the "I gotta be the first on the block to own something new" disease, I contacted Miki Nakamura, Customer Service & Sales, of Tokyo Hobby to purchase 3 items:

1 Tokyo Marui MK23 Fixed Slide
1 Mosquito Molds Mini Launcher
1 Mosquito Molds Loading tool
Total + Shipping to the U.S. $282.00 (Great pricing so far)

On a positive note. Tokyo Hobby has an above average website (although a bit too much Flash animation and not enough shopping cart functionality). This impressed me that it wasn't some "fly by night" website in that time and money have been invested in the website. When I inquired about the MK23 and other products I was interested in, I received some prompt email replies from Miki that eluded to these products being in stock and shipping soon.

First Warning Sign… Tokyo Hobby does NOT accept Paypal. I guess I got spoiled with the other airsoft retailers I have mentioned. But I asked for Tokyo Hobby's bank information to wire transfer them the money. On 08/12/2002 I wire transferred the $282.00 to Tokyo Hobby (I was going to post the receipt from the Wire Transfer, but that would show Tokyo Hobby's bank info….. Maybe later). I was then hit up with the banks wire transfer fees of an extra $30.00 (Now the great pricing I thought I was getting is now the same as if I were to buy these products from Hong Kong) I think to myself, "At least I'll get the MK23 soon"….

Second Warning Sign… I then emailed Tokyo Hobby that the money was wire transferred and inquired on a ship date.. My emails went unanswered on 08/14/2002, 08/16/2002, 08/21/2002. On 08/23/2002 I receive a reply that states, "We have received the funds and the order will ship out on early next week. Thank you for your support!" Great! I think to myself…

It is now 09/28/2002 and I have NOT received my order or replies to my emails inquiring about the order status. The 1 reply stating that my order will ship early in the week of 08/26/2002 is the ONLY reply I have received from Tokyo Hobby. I sent an email to ask them to refund my money or substitute my order for a part they have in stock just to get something for my $282.00. But still no reply… No order or substitute order or refund.

I'm not sure why, but all that Tokyo Hobby needs to do is update a paying customer on the status of an order placed. Even if they do not have the product in stock, they could at least inform a paying customer who sent them money already. I would understand any explanation, but at this point I feel ripped off. I guess I could fault myself for believing that they could get the MK23 Fixed Slide in the time frame they stated. Marui and First Factory's website's aren't saying it will ship anytime soon.
But I'm trying to stay optimistic in the fact that I don't think Tokyo Hobby should have promised the MK23 to ship when they did, and hope they will eventually ship the order… TRYING to stay optimistic…. Hope to amend this review with some good news.

As of 10/12/2002 I have not recieved any response from Tokyo Hobby or Miki Nakamura. But I have recieved many replies from around the world to this review and sorry to say they have all been negative and people have had the exact same problem with this company. TH and Miki Nakamura seemd to have a habit of only shipping partial orders. I will post any news as I get it.

At the request of the retailer concerned the following is a series of updates that ORCA placed in our forums. I have added them to this review to provide a fairer and clearer history of the order and the final (happy) outcome. Please do remember that the views expressed here are ,as always, that of the author- Arnie

Update October 17th 2002 I received my 2nd (My 1st email, dated 08/23/2002 reply stated the product would ship out in a few days) email reply from Tokyo Hobby, Miki Nakamura stating the MK23 was not in stock and if I would like to have everything else delivered now and keep the MK23 on backorder. Keep in mind TH has had my money now since 08/12/2002.

I replied back I would like the MK23 substituted for 2 other parts (2 CAW grenades) which will bring the total of the order to less then what I already sent them, or refund my money, but I'm sick of TH having my money for over 2 months. Of course I should have expected no replies, it has been 5 days since they sent the last reply.

So bottom line, I still don't have my order. TH has had my money for over 2 months and nothing seems to be changing.

I hope you all that have replied to my initial review are received your products that you have already ordered.

On 10/22/2002 I received a 3rd reply from Miki Nakamura regarding my over 2 month old order. Basically stating that they will change my order to other parts I requested because they cannot get the MK23 when they first promised.

Here's some interesting points of the 3rd e-mail. No apology or any hint of one in the entire e-mail on why they've had my money for over 2 months, when promising me my order would ship back on the week of 08/23/2002. He did promise to change my order for the substitute parts and my order will ship soon… When I have no idea because again… No replies to emails on status of the order.

Here's the REAL sad part. All the parts I am now ordering from Tokyo Hobby/Miki Nakamura, I could have ordered from Wargameclub or someone else for about the same price (Keep in mind you'll pay a wire transfer fee, because TH/Miki cannot accept Paypal) and had the parts within 3 days. the parts I'm ordering have been released and readily available.

So, to sum things up:

1) Received a 3rd reply from Tokyo Hobby/Miki Nakamura, stating my order will be changed (does not promise ship dates). Pretty condescending e-mail too, but he cannot answer why he's had my money for so long or allude to an apology.

2) Could've ordered these parts from WGC or Dentrinity in Hong Kong for about the same price and received the parts within 3 days.

3) Of course as usual no replies to the 10/22/2002 e-mail regarding order status or to answer why this order was promised and never shipped in the first place.

So now I am working with the Japanese Embassy here in L.A. to formally go after TH/Miki Nakamura.

Will keep you posted!

Update 08/11/02 My last posting on dealing with Tokyo Hobby and Miki Nakamura. As stated in the previous thread I invite TH/Miki Nakamura to answer to my dealings with them.

Well good news (sort of). I received half of my order on 11/05/2002. Included was a CAW Mini Launcher and CAW 50 rnd 6mm Grenade. The mini launcher came w/o the Moscart BB Shower though which I assumed was included for the price I paid, $135.00. My bad, for assuming. I could have bought this from Den Trinity for $100.00 and the Mini Launcher/Moscart BB Shower for $165.00. Oh well…

So where's the balance of my order. The last email I received from TH/Miki, was it would ship early this week. Guess what… No replies to my emails… So they seem to be repeating the same pattern again and I'm not going to play these games any more.

I personally am so sick of these games that this will be my last update to the initial review.

So bottom line:

Paid $282.00 for 1 CAW Mini Launcher and 1 CAW 50rnd Grenade (Which is WAY too expensive). Even if the balance of my order was shipped I still lost money then if I were to buy from a Hong Kong retailer. (TH made about $72.00 due to not shipping me the balance of my order)

This has been the worst experience I've had dealing with an airsoft retailer but hopefully my last bad experience. I will be much more careful now. Thank goodness there are many reputable retailers out there. Just hope no one else has to ever go through this experience.

To all who have replied to me being in the same situation as I was I wish you the best of luck in getting your orders or refunds.

And lastly to Arnie, thank you for posting my review. I feel this website helped greatly in at least getting a partial shipment of my order. Each reply back to me from TH/Miki coincided with my pointing out an update to this review. This website is a great resource for airsoft and I will be checking back here to find out news of new goodies as always.

Update 14/11/02 Last Update… (Sorry, but interesting info)

I finally received the balance of my order today, minus 1 $12.00 part.

I had asked for TH to ship me parts they had in stock and cancel the New TM MK23 I initially ordered. During this time TH/Miki said he was able to get the TM MK23 and asked if I would like it added back to the order on top of the substituted parts. Being very cautious at this point of sending TH/Miki and more money I stated no if this would delay the balance of substitute parts order please do not send, but if he did send the MK23 I would be happy to pay for it. Guess what!!! TH/Miki sent the balance of my order the MK23 – a CAW Loading Tool $12.00

TH/Miki actually shipped this part before I sent them money!!! I am very impressed with this service.

Bottom line is I received all parts I ordered from TH except 1 $12.00 part. Although their service has been very lacking in the past, I was impressed with TH/Miki crosshipping me the last package.

I wish it didn't have to come down to this to receive my order. It could've simply took some timely replies to emails in giving me status on my order and TH delivering product when promised.


Wow these crooks are still pulling the same crap and now under different names!!! Thank gawd for Arnie!!!

Beware of:

  • Miki Nakamura
  • (suspect to have directly benefitted from Miki Nakamura's many rip offs) 
  • Tokyo Central Hobbies
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  • Miki Nakamura or any website with this posted in their sales terms:

    Cyber defamation, slander and libel
    Buyer agrees not to post any information which is detrimental to the reputation of on any medium whatsoever including, but not limited to, the Internet, or to any person or organization, and shall not induce a third party to do the same. will pursue damages in cyber defamation, slander and libel incidents to the full extend of the law.

    They use this specific sales term to hold your order hostage when you haven't received what you paid for and threaten to post a complaint on a public forum. CHICKEN SHIT!!!


    As of Jan 2007, I have still been receiving emails from people who have had the exact same problems 9Sending money, never gettign what they ordered).  I have yet to hear any positive feedback on them or their business practices.