Magpul PTS – Metal Body (FDE)

Manufacturer: Magpul PTS
Type: Body Add-ons

Magpul PTS – Metal Body

I was fortunate to attend the 2008 Shotshow in Las Vegas and got to meet the Magpul people directly. Great guys and innovative affordable products. Of course my biggest interest was their Magpul PTS (Professional Training & Simulation Division, a.k.a. airsoft) product line.

Magpul PTS – Metal Body Installed with Fixins’

Items in these build include:

  • Magpul PTS – Metal Body (FDE)
  • Magpul PTS – MIAD Grip, 1st gen (FDE)
  • Magpul PTS – CTR Stock (FDE)
  • Magpul – Ladder Rail Covers (FDE)
  • Tango Down – Battle Grip (FDE)
  • King Arms – 13.5" MRF-RX R.A.S.
  • King Arms – Troy BUIS
  • Proud – KX3 (Tan)
  • Tokyo Marui – M4 Carbine New Version Internals
  • G&P – Ambi Magazine Release

The Pros
The body itself is a beautiful build. A slightly textured, tactile Flat Dark Earth coating. The body has clean fire control markings and unique serial number. All logos are stamped into the metal. The FDE color is close to other Magpul FDE components, but still not a dead on match due to materials being coated.

The Cons
I originally wanted to use a CA Sportline as the internals, but the CA Sportline gearbox shell, had a bit too much material in on the rear of the gearbox and thus would not fit. Body pin and trigger pin holes would not line up. I got another TM M4 Carbine (New Version) to use as this AEG’s internals. The TM gearbox needed to have a highpoint in the spine dremelled off, but it ended up fitting, but it was a very tight fit. The supplied dust cover would not close all the way when the gearbox was installed and fake internal bolt plate would bind the hopup in place. Luckily I had enough spare parts to fix these problems, but this wasn’t an "easy" body swap to say the least.

Update – 03/2009

Magpul PTS – Metal Body FDE + TM M4 -Top. Black + CA Sportline Bottom

Tokyo Marui – HK MP7A1

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEP

Tokyo Marui – HK MP7A1

The Tokyo Marui – HK MP7Ai was the first SMG, AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol) offering from Tokyo Marui. I now have owned all 3 of the TM SMG AEP’s. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long before I owned the MP7, but it’s impressed me over the other 2 TM SMG AEP’s as well as HFC134a only Japanese GBB’s

Tokyo Marui – HK MP7A1

The build is solid as with all the TM AEP line. Performance is similar to the other TM AEP’s as well. it’s not the most comfortable SMG with the almost right angle pistol grip, but it serves it’s purpose well. Battery is easy to access and swap out as well.

So far I’ve added the following:

I’m not planning on internally upgrading this at all. Very happy with how it performs for the role it will be used in.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 236.43
Max: 237.55
Avg: 236.88

ATS Tactical – Warbelt

Manufacturer: ATS Tactical
Type: Warbelt

ATS Tactical – Warbelt – Pictured with an Eagle Gun Belt and HSGI Drop Leg Panel

The ATS Tactical Warbelt is a not a belt by itself. It similar to additional belt padding with 3 rows of PALs webbing. The ATS Warbelt will work with most tactical belts and is designed to work with drop leg hangers Any drop leg holster or modular panels will attach to the belt as usual. There are openings in the ATS Warbelt to accommodate this usage. The Warbelt also includes separate suspender loops.

Intel – AEX L.A. – 03.18.08

Haven’t had too much to report on recently. But this evenings visit was full of some nice surprises.

Magpul – Goodies


I usually never post what I score when I got to AEX, But since these are for a future project, I haven’t yet decided on, thought it be good to show them. The new Magpul PTS metal bodies are insanely nice. Trades are stamped into the body itself and trigger guard is integrated into the body. The CTR and MIAD in Flat Dark Earth color are not too far off the metal body which was a nice surprise.

Will post more as project progresses.

Classic Army – SCAR-H

This is the slightly larger CA SCAR that uses an SR-25 (7.62×51) size magazine. While this make no really difference in airsoft, except cosmetically, it’s a beefier feeling CA SCAR. But notice the trademarks. They’re not "Classic Army" trades any more.

Tokyo Marui – AK74MN

It was a little funny. Every time the TM AK74MN was placed back on the display rack, it would blend in with all the M4’s and M16’s and make it hard to find. It’s another solid Tokyo Marui build. This is a "Blowback AEG" (i.e. a fake bolt will cycle each shot). The fake bolt cycle was a bit short, but it worked flawlessly. Battery compartment is in the fore grip and will accommodate a mini type battery.The butt stock will fold over the the left as well, but not with a scope attached. FPS results averaged 300fps with .20 bbs.

Honestly, I’m not sure why people like this AK except for the odd looks. The "coat hanger" stock and "donkey dick" fore grip just didn’t feel comfortable. But this is a "Blowback AEG" (i.e. a fake bolt will cycle each shot. You kinda see a trend here?). The one downside to the VFC model specifically is the fake bolt would not reset to the closed position each shot. Sometime it would stay half or partially open after a shot. FPS results were OK averaging 340 with .20 bbs.

King Arms – Troy Series

I haven’t been a big fan of King Arms products as of late. But their Troy series is quite impressive. I still question the workmanship of the internals, but these AEGs fired between 320-340 fps with .20 bb’s. externally, expect for a misspelling on the trademarks, the externals are solid. The fake bolt catch is a nice feature as well. But these are bargains compared to piecing your own Troy/Vltor/Tango Down airsoft parts together.

Classic Army – New Sportlines

2 new Classic Army Sportlines came into AEX. An MP5 A2 SEF and an M15A4. They are what you expect weight wise form a plastic bodied AEG. The MP4 was lighter then a TM MP5, but both seemed to be solid builds. Both only come in the value packs, which include: Sling, Shooting Glasses, Battery, Charger and BB’s. Still a great deal for a starter AEG @ $160.00.



CREE – Q5 LED Tactical Light Bulb Assembly

Manufacturer: CREE
Type: Tactical Light Replacement Bulb Assembly

CREE – Q5 LED Tactical Light Replacement Bulb Assembly

I kept coming across these LED Bulb assemblies on Ebay. I already own an Inova T2 LED and Surefire G2 LED and have been more then happy with their performance.

CREE – Q5 LED Tactical Light Replacement Bulb Assembly

These assemblies go for about $20.00 shipped from Hong Kong and claim a 270 lumen output, it was an affordable experiment waiting to be paypal’d.

Received the LED assembly about 5 days after payment. The assembly comes with 2 contact springs. The large outer one may need to be removed to fit into some lights. But it’s a drop in fit. This assembly fit and functioned in all my Surefire G2’s and 6p’s as well as my G&P Surefire clones.

So is it really 270 Lumens??? I fitted the Q5 into 1 of my Surefire G2’s and plopped new CR123a’s on all lights (Gah…exspensive). Lights were about 15 feet from wall.

CREE – Q5 vs. Surefire G2 LED

CREE – Q5 vs. Surefire P6 Incandescent

CREE – Q5 vs. Inova T2 LED

Definitely an affordable option for those who already own incandescent tactical lights. Lumen output is very impressive. Will report later on battery life and durability.

EDIT 04/2008

I ended up buying 3 full lights, that use this same bulb assembly for my shop. All metal fabrication, but not a Surefire compatible body. Although you can still swap the bulb assemblies around.

CREE – Q5 Full Light

Tokyo Marui – Glock 17

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: Gas Blow Back
Date Acquired: 02/2008

Tokyo Marui – Glock 17

As with all the other Tokyo Marui GBB’s I own, the Glock 17 is to the same high standards as we’ve come to expect from TM. It’s have mostly authentic trademarks, except for a TM/ASGK "Made In Japan" on the body. Unfortunately I bought this Glock locally in the U.S. so trades were defaced. So I added the Guarder Enhanced Full Kit for TM G17.

Tokyo Marui -Glock 17

The Guarder Enhanced Full Kit for TM G17 is a pretty straight forward install, but needs some filing for the slide to cycle smoothly. The kit has full trademarks and includes:

  • Fiber Reinforced Polymer Frame
  • Aluminum Slide
  • Steel Outer Barrel
  • Recoil Spring Guide
  • 150% Hammer Spring
  • Steel Magazine Catch
  • Steel Trigger Lever
  • Serial Number Plate

Tokyo Marui – Glock 17 – Close up of Trades

With the kit installed, the TM Glock feels very close to its’ real steel counterpart. While usually installing a metal slide causes a decrease in ROF, the Guarder kit has a nice balance of weight and has only effect slide cycle speed a little.

Tokyo Marui -Glock 17 – Close up of Trades

Chrono results (FPS)
Green Gas
.20 BB's
Min: 283.30
Max: 291.23
Avg: 284.94