Is this Gun/MFG/Accessory worth it?

Is this Gun/MFG/Accessory worth it?

Without knowing someones personal financial status and what they’re looking for in reliabilty/performance, it’s hard to answer a “worth it” it type of question. We have no idea what you can afford or what you are expecting when your purchase to judge if “GUN X” is worth your purchasing…

My buget for airsoft is pretty high, so things being worth it are relative to what I can spend. I’ve also purchased alot of items where I know they lack in performance, but they are decent replicas for a disply case. So what’s worth it for me, is not the same for anyone else.

So, instead of asking an open ended question like this. Do some research on your own. (Research does not equal posting your questions cuz your too lazy to google them) Ask specific questions of a specifc gun/mfg and state relative points like how much you are willing to spend, time frame of purchase, what kind of reliability/performance your expecting, etc.

Presently there’s TONS of airsoft info available to Google. Not so much, when alot of us first started airsoft, so this is why you get answers to this kinda quetions like “Search!”. If you do a little searching for info on your own in earnest, it will show in your post on what kind of questions you want answered. Should save the poster from being flamed and get a direct answer to your question.

If you really want to be lazy and not do any research though, contact any 1 of our local retailers and ask that same question. They actully get paid to answer questions like this. Keep in mind, most of us here are doing it for free, just to try and be helpful.