How To: Attach a Harris Style Bipod

How to attach a Harris style bipod.

I was recently asked this by an Arnie's member and even though it's a simple thing for me since I've owned many Harris style bipods, as I was trying to explain how to install it over email, I realized it's not a simple thing to explain without?some visual aid.?

The Harris style bipod is an ingenious design. It's made to work with a sling swivel stud. Some rifles already have them pre-installed and some you need to add a stud to.

To attach the Harris style bipod to this sling swivel stud, you first need to loosen the big screw on the bipod itself. You'll notice as you loosen the big screw, the "Pincher Mechanism" (For lack of a better description) will also loosen and you can pinch the end that's on the side of the Big Screw. Some bipod will already have a sling swivel stud attached. Just take the included one off and save for use on a rifle that needs it.

At some point the "Pincher Mechanism" will be loose enough to fit around the sling swivel. You may have to drill out the sling swivel holes (I had to do this in a Tanaka M700) for it to fit. Once the "Pincher Mechanism" is in the Sling Swivel Stud holes, You can tighten the Big Screw. This will pull the bipod tight to the rifle stock

You don't need to tighten the Big Screw too much, just enough for the fit to be snug. You'll notice once properly attached, a Harris style bipod is a very solid fitting device. Unlike a Versapod style bipod.

G&P – Special Forces Goggles

Manufacturer: G&P (Hong Kong)
Type: Tactical Gear

The G&P Special Forces Goggles are copies of Oakley A-frame Goggle . I refer to these as Feauxkleys 😉 But for a copy, at $30.00 they're not a bad deal. Although I don't know how the lense on this goggle will actaully protect you. 

G&P Special Forces Goggles

I'm not too sure why G&P copied the A-frame goggles over the actual E-frame goggles Oakley made for their SI (Standard Issue) Military/Tactical product line. Possibly the A-frame was already copied, not neccesarily for sale into the airsoft market, and G&P got a hold of the design. The G&P goggles doosn't compare to the real Oakley SI goggles. The quality of materials/build is very appearent and far superior on the real Oakleys.

G&P Special Forces Goggles and real Oakley SI Military Goggles

The G&P goggle is good for a spare set though. But even at more then half the price of the real Oakly A-frames, it's probably best to save up to get the real Oakleys.

Classic Army – AG36 Grenade Launcher

Manufacturer: Classic Army (Hong Kong)
Type: Grenade Launcher
Date Acquired: 09/2006

Classic Army – AG36 Grenade Launcher

The Classic Army – AG36 Grenade Launcher is a replica of HK's AG36 grenade launcher. Real steel info here. The CA version has an all metal barrel, folding quadrant sight system and includes a long G36 foregrip.

Classic Army – AG36 Grenade Launcher – Sites unfolded

Unfortunatley to mount on a Tokyo Marui G36c you need to modify some of the internal battery space and add a longer outer/inner barrel. I'm not even sure if you loose battery space with this specific foregrip and I'm assuming this is made for the CA G36 full size line.

Classic Army – AG36 Grenade Launcher
Side Loading, spring loaded.

Fortunately for me, I bought this nade launcher to modify as an XM320. The stand alone version of the AG36.

Will keep posting on progess of the modification.

Oh well.. I got lazy and mounted it to a G36 LOL!

ETREMELY front?heavy and ridiculously long now. This killed the ability to carry a battery in the foregrip Frown

I may go back to the XM320 project very soon.

Army Code – 40mm Grenade Internal Upgrade Kit

Manufacturer: Army Code
Type: Internal Upgrade

Army Code – 40mm Grenade Internal Upgrade Kit

Army Code – 40mm Grenade Internal Upgrade Kit is a internal parts replacement kit for Mosquito Molds 40mm grenades. This upgrade kit allows MM grenades to use higher pressure gas like green gas and make the grande reset process more efficient. This upgrade will work on Mosquito Molds 40mm Cartridge ( 24 / 40 / 78 / 165 / 180 Rds ). The upgrade includes Orings, New Piston, Higher Tension Spring and ball bearings. The piston is only to replace MM grenades with 12mm pistons.  A few of mine have only 8mm pistons.You may need special valve removal tools if you don't already have them.

The upgrade was very easy to install (with proper tools) and now my MM grenades are Green Gas capable and much easier to reset. A must have upgrade for MM 40mm grenade owners.

I will report back on durabilty as the nades get used more.

New Info 10/14/2006

All the MM nades I have, have now been upgraded to the Army Code upgrade kit.  Since MM nades were built around the weaker HFC134a gas, they have much larger gas capacity.  Now that they're green gas ready, they make a much louder BANG then even the newer designed CA or Madbull nades.  After about 40 reloads, the o-rings are holding up fine and these nades are still relativly easy to rest. (40 reloads lasted longer then most MM nades stock).  Still very impressed by the Army Code upgrade.