Tokyo Marui – Desert Eagle .50 Hard Kick {simplegrade:5}
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: Gas Blow Back
w00t! Desert Eagle!!! Just recieved thie Tokyo Marui, Desert Eagle .50 Hardkick from Dentrinity. The box had a huge yellow sticker on it saying "ONLY USE 134a GAS". And there was no dissapointment! Even with 134s Gas in it, this is everything TM advertised as being a very Hardkick gun. But it wasn't long before Green Gas was used and the recoil and?report?are scary nice.

As always a very high quality replica with a ver solid and powerful action. A bit too big to lug around on your thigh though, so mine has stayed off the field.

Desert Eagle!!! other side
Desert Eagle!!! Slide Locked

Desert Eagle!!! And for those of us who owned previous verions of the TM DE. The tradmarks are spelled correctly this time.