Tokyo Marui – M1911A1

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: GBB

Tokyo Marui – M1911A1

I already own the Hi-Capa 5.1 and 4.3, so when TM released the M1911A1, I knew it would be another high quality reproduction from them.

Tokyo Marui – M1911A1

The TM M1911A1 did not disappoint in reproduction quality. I got this 1 locally at AEX so I was pleasantly surprised on the "tasteful" defacing of the Colt Trademarks. The grip safety works correctly and slide mechanics are smooth.

Tokyo Marui – M1911A1

Performance wise, it takes green gas no problem. Because this magazine is fashioned after a real single stack, gas capacity is limited, but I could easily cycle 1 full mags worth of bbs (About 25 rounds) per single gas charge. Accuracy is also impressive, even with the old style sights. Probably what TM means by "Hi-Kick, Hi-Grouping"

Tokyo Marui – M1911A1

No doubt, as with all previous TM releases, a wealth of upgrades and add-ons will be on their way. I will probably leave this 1 stock though.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 301.27
Max: 318.44
Avg: 314.69

Helmet Collection

Collection of military helmets

From Left to Right, Top Row then Bottom Row:

MICH TC 20012 (Replica)

  • Muilticam Helmet Cover
  • Paulson ATAC Googles
  • BLackhawk Google Cover
  • Custom Pathces by Camotech

USMC Type Helmet (Replica)

  • G&P USMC OEF Goggles

JGSDF Type 88 Helmet (Replica)

  • USGI SWD Goggles

MICH TC 2000 (Replica)

  • 3 Color Desert Helmet Cover
  • Custom Helmet Band

SPH4 Helicopter Helmet (Gentex)

CVC Helmet (Gentex)

  • USGI SWD Goggles

PASGT Helmet (Replica)

  • Marpat Helmet Cover
  • Marpat Goggle Cover
  • Night Vision Mout (Direct from Iraq)
  • USGI SWD Goggles
  • Custom Helmet Band

AF SpecOps Helmet (Pro-Tec)

USGI M1 Helmet

CVC Helmet (Gentex)

Devgru – Frogman Headset

Manufacturer: Devgru (Korea)
Type: Electronics

The Devgru Frogman Headset is a replica of the Selex TASC1 Headset.

Devgru Frogman Headset

The Devgru Forman headset is a very well built piece of electronics. It includes a large button PTT which is easy to actuate with gloves on. It has a quick disconnect to allow for different connectors for different radio types. The Devgru package includes:

  • Frogman Components (boom mic, speaker, speaker enclosure, PTT)
  • Replaceable Headnet
  • Microphone Foam Wind Muff
  • Clamper Wiring Stay Clip
  • MOLLE Wiring Stay Clip
  • Manual (In English)

Devgru Frogman Headset Under Helmet

The build quality is high. Heavy Gauge Wiring, Coiled Remote, Large PTT, Bi-directional Microphone Microphone Wind Muff. More details below along with comparison to the Toy Soldier Swimmers Headset. Sound quality wise the headset has no problems. Even with the quick disconnect, there were no crackles or interference that could be heard. The mic is sensitive and will pickup very low noises.

Devgru Frogman Headset – PTT with pre attached hook velcro

Devgru put some thought into some of the addition features included with this headset. PTT came with Hook Velcro already attached. The included "Clamper" and MOLLE style clip have Loop Velcro so the PTT can be mounted in almost any configuration. The coiled remote wiring helps keep the wiring in 1 place.

Left – Devgru Frogman Headset
Right – Toy Soldiers Swimmers Headset

There are a few differences between the Devgru and Toy Soldier headsets. Quality of parts used is a big issue. The ear cup of the Devgru unit is made of a soft pliable rubber. The TS headsets earpiece is a harder almost plastic ear cup Devgru also has higher quality materials used in the Headnet, Wiring and connectors.

Devgru Frogman
TS Swimmers
Noise Canceling Mic
Water Resistant PTT
Replaceable Parts
Mic Wind Screen
Multi Radio Connectors
Velcro Clips
Carry Case
Quick Disconnect


Classic Army – SLR105 Gold Plated – Limited Edition

Manufacturer: Classic Army
Type: AEG

Came across this interesting item. This is a Classic Army built, Gold Plated SLR105. There have been a few made by retailers that were plated or gold painted aftermarket, but this would be the first batch seen, gold plated and built direct from a major airsoft mfg.

Classic Army – SLR105 Gold Plated – Limited Edition

This AEG includes a wood foregrip and stock. All external metal parts were gold plated including the butt plate, pistol grip screw, side mount, magazine floor plate and battery spacer tube under the top cover.

Classic Army – SLR105 Gold Plated – Limited Edition

The plating job was very well done. All stampings are clearly visible through the plating process.

Classic Army – SLR105 Gold Plated – Limited Edition

The Arsenal Logo looks nice in gold plating Wink

Classic Army – SLR105 Gold Plated – Limited Edition

Intel – Spartan Imports – Shot Show 2007


Thanks to our friends at Spartan Imports, we not only have some new CA models to look forward to seeing, they are actually ready for production. Models were on display in the Spartan Imports booth at the Shot Show 2007.

Not only are there some suprising releases from CA, but also Marushin, AMP Tactical and Inokatsu to name a few.

Exclusively for Spartan Imports. ?Marushin will be releasing export only, green gas ready versions of their Garand, M2 Carbine, and M500.

Spartan Imports -Shot Show 2007 Booth. Getting bigger every year.

While theres a bunch of guns ready for production that Spartan showed at Shot, the next 3 releases will be M15VN, XM177 and the SCAR-L.

Classic Army – HK53.

Classic Army – M41A4(Top) and M41A3(Bottom)

Classic Army – M14 Scout

Classic Army – M14 Scout

Spartan Imports Exclusive!? Export only, green gas friendly versions of the Garand, M2, and?M500 modified?by Marushin.?

Classic Army – SCAR-L

Classic Army – SLR-105 A1 Para

Classic Army – SLR-105 U

Classic Army -?SLR-105 Compact?

Inokatsu M60's

AMP Tactical and Private Parts Product Lineup

And over in the EOTech booth…

Spartan Imports supplied EOTech all the CA base guns to display their sights. Nice crossover 😉

EOTech Booth – CA Guns

EOTech Booth – CA Guns

Laylax Brick Target Sets

Manufacturer: Laylax/Satellite (Japan)

These are cool, relatively cheap and fun. These are target diorama sets made out of foam for use as airsoft targets. 3 different sets are currently available.

These are DIY dioramas similar to legos in how they piece together , but manufactured out of flexible foam. When items are shot by an airsoft bb, they fall down or fly off the diorama. They can be setup in any way you choose or as shown in on the pacakging. The size and scale give you a forced perspective. making the targets look farther away when viewed through a scope. While not something you'd want to zero your scope on, none the less fun to plink away at the figures, structure or what not.

Warning! Anything over 350fps will damage the foam pieces.

The different kits are as follows:

Scene 1 -Structure-

Can be built up as a building with windows and openings.

Scene 2 -Nature-

Can be built up as a forest with trees, fences and other cover.

Scene 2 -Automobile-

Can be built up as a bus. Although the packaging may show more, this kit only contains the vehicle and 3 silhouettes.

Over all, fun and affordable. Really only good for realtively short range use with stock power guns.

Retailer – Tactical Tailor – USA

Tactical Tailor (USA)
Manufacturer and Retailer of Tactical Gear.

Over the years, you get to know a few retailers. And sometimes you come across some that really impress you from initial customer service to quality of product produced. Tactical Tailor is defiantly and diamond in the rough of tactical gear providers. Not only do they produce most of what they sell. They produce it here in the. U.S.A. Their products are innovative and their build quality is top notch.

Please make sure to put TT on your list of places to look at for tactical gear.

Retailer – MilSpec Monkey – USA

Ebay Store:

Sometimes you run across some gems of retailers on Ebay. While just looking around a few days ago, I came across some unique velcro backed patches.

As far as a retailer goes, their customer service is top notch. The patch quality is extremely high and products are unique. A good place for the "geardo" to stop by 😉

Update 02/2007

More MSM goodness arrived today!



AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light

Manufacturer: AMP Tactical
Type: Combo Tactical Light Laser.

Available at AEX!

AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light – Includes Light/Laser Module, Coiled Remote Switch (Pigtail), 2x CR123a Batteries, Allen Wrench.

The AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light is a close copy of the ITI (Insight Technologies) M6 Light/Laser, but with some added features. It has both a Xenon tactical weapon light and Class IIIa laser in a single unit.

AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light – Right Side showing rail pressure attachment.

The body is plastic with a spring loaded rail pressure attachment. The unit uses 2x CR123a lithium batteries (included)

AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light – Left Side.

Even though the body is plastic, the build quality is solid. Xenon bulbs give off alot of heat and the plastic body keeps this unit cool. With batteries install the unit has good weight.

AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light – Rear View showing controls.

It has an constant On/Off switch on the left rear of the unit. This switch is automatically disabled when the momentary On/Off coiled remote pigtail switch is attached. The bottom rear of the unit is the Mode Switch. When rotated it lets you select, OFF – LIGHT/LASER – LIGHT ONLY – LASER ONLY – OFF. There are also windage and elevation allen screws on the bottom of the unit to adjust the laser.

AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light -Top G&P M3 Light Bottom for size comparison.

As seen above, the unit is compact in size, but with almost the same power and added laser compared to the G&P M3 Weapon Light.

AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light -left. Surefire 6P – Middle. G&P M3 Light – Right.

The AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light kicks off?a littel less?Lumens as a real Surefire 6p (65 Lumens). Not sure on battery life so far with the added use of the laser though. Will post those finding later.

AMP Tactical – Tac Laser-Light Mounted with pigtail. Perfect for railed rifles.

The included coiled remote pigtail switch is a great added feature that the real ITI M6 doesn't have. This lets you mount the unit on any railed weapon giving you the freedom to use the switch where it's most comfortable.

Real Steel Testing!

Tested in indoor range this morning. Tested mounted on:

  • Kimber Warrior – .45ACP
  • SA XD 5" – .45ACP
  • S&W M&P – .40 S&W
  • Sig P226 – 9mm
  • Bushmaster Carbon 15 – 9mm
  • Berretta CX-4 9mm

The Light/Laser unit held up well. Laser position did not move due to recoil, always stayed on target. Light was not effected by recoil. Showed no signs of dimming or any electrical problems during firings.? There are no noticeable sings of wear when compared this unit to a "virgin" unit. Gun powder residue needs to be cleaned out though ;(

Edit 03/2007

Bulb burned out ;( Laser works fine.? Bulb bunred out due to me placing the unit in a pouch adn it rested on the power switch. Not a standard bulb so looking for replacement.

Ended up taking it back to AEX and they exchanged it for a new unit. Got lucky.