King Arms – Galil SAR

Manufacturer: King Arms (Hong Kong)
Type: AEG

King Arms – Galil SAR

Over a year ago, I was able to review the first KA (King Arms) complete AEG, the FAL. It was a little disappointing at the time, but for KA initial release, it was better than other Chinese airsoft companies current releases. The more recent "Troy" releases from KA have been pretty impressive and seem to be a good value for what you are getting. So onto the KA Galil SAR.

King Arms – Galil SAR

Initial impressions are it’s a very solid build. Parts fit together nice and tight, but the stock does have a slight "wiggle" Like the FAL release, the Galil is lighter in weight, then you would expect. Trademarks look good and no misspellings I’ve noticed so far. The right side AK style selector switch is functional, but the left side, thumb switch is cosmetic only (Although it will move between S A R). This model does include secondary flip up night sights, but these do NOT have tritium as the real 1 does.

I’ve held both, the TSI Armoires SAR (Thanks to USCMCorps) and the KA Galil. The TSI Galil is a spot on replica of a Real Steel Galil in size, weight and tritium night sights. The KA Galil is lighter in weight but has some added features the TSI does not. .

King Arms – Galil SAR

You can fit up to a 12v AK stick style battery, but for now I’ve only managed a 9.6. The KA Galil SAR is also a Blowback AEG. The action is crisp and while it adds no performance improvements, is definitely fun to fire.

The magazine supplied with the AEG is a 130 rounder. The magwell and catch look very close to an AK’s, but on the KA Galil is not 100% compatible. BUT you can modify an AK mag to work on the KA Galil with a little Dremel work. So for my buddy Mr. Longbaugh, the TSI AK/M4 Mag Adapter could work, but filing the machined aluminum block may take a while.

King Arms – Galil SAR

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 328.45
Max: 334.16
Avg: 330.21

Magpul PTS – MOE Stock

Manufacturer: Magpul-PTS
Type: Stock

Magpul – M.O.E. Stock

The Magpul – PTS M.O.E. Stock, is a replica of Magpul’s new "Magpul Original Equipment" line.

MOE is Magpul?s newest line of firearm accessories. Intended to be a low-cost, high-quality alternative to standard weapon components, MOE will be offered to manufacturers as OEM equipment, and to individuals seeking Magpul quality in their basic equipment upgrades. The MOE? line distinguishes itself with a simplified feature set, but maintains Magpul engineering and material quality.

Magpul – MOE Stock

While the MOE stock resembles the CTR stock, it’s missing the friction lock and QD swivel attachment point. But the MOE stock comes with the rubber butt pad that’s an extra item to buy on the CTR stock.

Magpul – MOE Stock – Included Rubber Butt Pad

The fit was nice a tight on a Tokyo Marui Buffer Tube. So really no need for the friction lock of the CTR stock on this specific installation. The stock locks firmly in each position and has very positive fit to the buffer tube.