REM T3 – P90/PS90 White Ring Sight Fix

Manufacturer: REM (USA)
Type: Holographic Reflex Sight Illuminator

REM T3 – P90/PS90 White Ring Sight Fix

I was first clued into the Real FN P90 Ring Sights by Arnie’s member, Stealth Bomber.

A friend of mine and fellow Gunatics admin, Fatcat (And Real Steel FaaREAK!), was able to find 1 of the the Real FN P90 Ring Sights for me and I was able to purchase it relatively cheap. Apparently real P90 owners have been swapping these out due to how hard they are to use. Cat then pointed me to Reticle Enhancement Module T3 (REM T3) thread on FNForum.

REM T3 – P90/PS90 White Ring Sight Fix – LED On

This is a very straight forward and relatively inexpensive add-on, which make the passive FN Holographic White Ring Sight more easily viewable with the addition of an active LED. The REM T3’s come in the following colors: Amber, Red, Green. White and Blue. I went with Blue because it’s different then what most people have been ordering in Red and Green. The unit is powered by a single CR2032 coin cell and rheostat switch is easy to operate.

REM T3 – P90/PS90 White Ring Sight Fix – Blue Reticle

The main body is a plastic resin and was designed to fit in the front sing well just under the site. A bit of sanding was needed to fit my Tokyo Marui P90. But the design of the REM T3 is solid and it’s now a great fit. The LED is pressure fit into the light collector of the Ring Sight.

REM T3 – P90/PS90 White Ring Sight Fix

The rheostat is extremely easy to operate and very easy to see what power levels you are running.

REM T3 – P90/PS90 White Ring Sight Fix

The reticle is now very easy to acquire and use for targetting. Highly visible, even in full direct daylight.

REM T3 – P90/PS90 White Ring Sight Fix

More updates to follow shortly.

Esstac Patch Pouch

Manufacturer: Esstac
Type: Patch Organizer

Esstac Patch Pouch

The problem I’ve noticed with the addiction to airsoft, are the follow up addictions to tactical gear, and in my case, more specifically custom embroidered tactical morale patches. Milspec Monkey, with Esstac, created these Patch Pouches to help organize your patch collection.

Esstac Patch Pouch

The patch pouches are available in many different colors/camo patterns:

  • Black
  • Ranger Green
  • OD Green
  • Forest Marpat
  • Coyote
  • MJK
  • Multicam

There are 6 velcro patch panels, with the inner 4 panels removable via even more velcro. There are also 2 pocket on the inside of the cover.

Esstac Patch Pouch

FN P90 Reflex Ring Site

Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale Herstal (USA)
Type: Holographic Reflex Sight

FN P90 Reflex Ring Site – Picture from Wikipedia

The early Real Steel, FN P90’s shipped with a White Ring Reflex Sight. It’s a holographic reflex sight with white rings and Black "T" reticle. This sight in non powered and uses and ambient light source to illuminate the reticle. Needless to say, this sight not very useful in low light situations.

FN P90 Reflex Ring Site – Comparison to TM – Left Side

So why get 1 of these Real Steel Ring Sights? Well to be different then all the TM P90’s with their Counter Strike Style red dots.

This is almost a virtual drop in replacement for the TM Red dot sight. You do have to file down a nub on the left side of the FN Sight, but no other mods other then that. You reuse the 2 TM Sight Mounting screws and the new sight is in.

FN P90 Reflex Ring Site – Comparison to TM – Right Side

You can find these for sale due to most Real P90 owners are swapping up to the Triple Rail or an easier to use sight system. FN has discontinued shipping P90’s with the White Rings for Black Rings sites, which are supposed to be easier to use.

This is a great add-on, to make your P90 stand out, and it’s nice you can swap out optics relatively easily if needed.

Classic Army- M16/SMG Magwell Adapter

Manufacturer: Classic Army
Type: Magwell Conversion

Classic Army- M16/SMG Magwell Adapter

The Classic Army – M16/SMG Magwell Adapter ships with both the Magwell adapter and 9mm style magazine. This is a 100 round UZI style magazine. The build is mostly plastic and is a very easy way to convert the look of your M4/M16. It is also a very affordable magwell conversion.

I would highly suggest you disable the M16 Magazine catch if you are used to releasing M16 mags. You will release both magazine and adapter with the M16 mag release. There is a separate mag release just for the SMG style magazine.

First Factory – P90 Sling Swivel, v.2

Manufacturer: First Factory (Japan)
Type: Sling Swivel

First Factory -P90 Sling Swivel, v.2

I ran the East P90 sling for many years, but recently I’ve only been using 1 point slings with all my other AEG’s, so this was a logical progression. The FF Sling Swivel is all metal construction with typical beautiful FF workmanship. Sling swivel has 2 mount points; left, right and bottom.

Tango Down BGV-QD Vertical Grip

Manufacturer: Tango Down (U.S.A.)
Type: Vertical Foregrip

Tango Down BGV-QD Vertical Grip.

This is a HUGE improvement over the Tango Down – BGV-MK46 Vertical Grip.

The Quick Detach rail system is a welcome improvement on the TD Battle Grip series. The QD Mechanism itself is simple, yet effective, incorporating a nice positive locking system into the throw lever. No more "hammering" the BGV on for a "custom" fit.

Tango Down BGV-QD Vertical Grip.