Classic Army – M249 Para – MK46 Mod0

Manufacturer: Classic Army (Hong Kong)
Type: AEG
Date Aquired:?10/03/05

Wanted to get some info out quickly, so this will be a quickie. There seems to be a nice trend where retailers are doing nice reviews of products now, so as not to duplicate info, checkout AEX's CA249 Review.

Straight outta the box


  • Metal in all the right places.
  • Well engineered metal top cover with rail (See Pic).
  • US Style Hand Guards and Heat Shield (Real M249 Paras don't have the upper Heat Shield).
  • Plastic parts have a flat finish.
  • PGC Style gearbox!!! Shoots hard and "easily" upgradeable.
  • Classic Army Catalog Shows their AK Razz Also, seems it was used for chrono testing LOL (Nice bb strike went through the whole catalog)

Top Rail Cover


  • Pieces fit very tightly together. This can be viewed as a Pro, but in this case it seems to be an engineering deal (i.e. you have to adjust the position of a few items to get an item like the top cover to close properly).
  • The outer and inner barrel removal to replace the battery take a little practice (See AEX's CA249 Review).
  • Looks to have very limited room in the handguard for battery. Only Mini batterys will fit. But Laylax Battery Sling works well in this situation.
  • Heavy! Not for the 98lb weakling. At 14' lbs w/o battery or ammo, it'll give you a field workout. This is about 1 pound lighter then the real steel version.

With Obligatory M249 Box mag

I may do the mod where you can fit the AEG Battery in the box mag and wire the box mag to the M249's trigger. At this point I still like the option of using M16 style low and mid caps.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 319.43
Max: 327.22
Avg: 322.43

New Pics!

Getting closer to the MK46 Mod0?variant!!!

The MK46 Mod0 ala GR Advanced Warfighter 😉