CS Mini Figures!!!

Hehe.. a "REAL" 1337 CS Playah would have a set of these!

My New CS Mini Figs!!! Airsoft and Notebook playing Condition Zero shown for size comparison Razz

Got these little guys off Ebay from some guy in Hong Kong.

Teaser Pic Haha yeah I got HL2 Beta?running on my VAIO albiet slower then hell!!!

Better images of these little guys!

Western Arms – S.C.W. Para-Ordnance Doberman .45 Limited

Manufacturer: Western Arms (Japan)
Type: GBB
Date Acquired: 03/2004

Western Arms – S.C.W. Para-Ordnance Doberman .45 Limited

My 2nd WA!!! (Although I purchased this from WA before the first WA I received shipping direct from Japan took a while..). This is the Western Arms – S.C.W. Para-Ordnance Doberman .45 Limited, yet another WA 1911 modification.

This gun includes the following:

  • Barrel Shroud/Meat Tenderizer
  • About 1 inch longer then standard Inner Barrel
  • 30 Round Silver High Cap Magazine
  • 20mm Lower Rail
  • Slide and Shroud Compensation Cuts
  • Silver outer barrel
  • Competition Style Oversized Ambidextrous Safety
  • Competition Style Oversized Slide Stop
  • Competition Style Magwell
  • Lanyard Nub

Western Arms – S.C.W. Para-Ordnance Doberman .45 Limited

Quality of this replica is top notch. It weighs a little over 3lbs so nice and heavy Wink There's still a little magwell wobble, but not near the wobble the Para Prokiller has.

I also bought an extra mag, which it was told to me uses the standard 30 round WA high cap mag, but the spare doesn't work with this specific gun. It works fine in my Prokiller, but it keeps the slide from returning properly on the Doby.

Performance of this gun , out of the box is really good. It slide kick is hard and crisp. At this point I haven't messed with the hopup yet , so the accuracy needs to be tuned a bit. With Green Gas, fps results as follows:

Chrono Results (FPS)
Green Gas
.20 BB's
Min: 325.26
Max: 340.13
Avg: 331.21

Not planning on doing anything else on this gun, More info to be posted later as I play with it more.