SHOT Show 2012

DW Staff just returned from SHOT Show 2012! This year, we added a few new contributors to the DW staff!

  • Zak (Bottlelot) Holman – Investigative Journalist / Freelance Videographer Avid gun shooter for 6 years
  • Iron Horse – OIF veteran, airsoft retailer employee and gun enthusiast.
  • New Aziel – Airsoft and gun store employee and gun enthusiast.
  • Kyle – Gun store employee and Echo 1 Lover.

Join our existing crew:

  • Ning – Professional photographer and Redback One Marketing Director
  • Wedge – Gun store employee, airsofter and avid shooter.
  • uscmCorps – Entertainment industry professional and PTS by Magpul representative.
  • and ORCA

This year we had a large crew able to attend Media Day at the Range. This is the day before SHOT Show, where you can actually shoot many offerings from firearms manufacturers.

DW Crew – Media Day at the Range

Any pictures or video taken outdoors were most likely at Media Day at the Range. Indoor shots or video were taken at SHOT Show. All pictures and videos are being added and updated on


Javelin Airsoft Works – AK47 Battle Veteran EBB

Manufacturer: Javelin Airsoft Works
Type: AEG

Javelin Airsoft Works – AK47 Battle Veteran EBB

Javelin Airsoft Works AK47 Battle Veteran EBB (Electric Blow Back) airsoft rifle is 1 a new series of JAW Line. The Battle Veteran series has simulated wear marks on the metal body which gives it a more authentic look.

This rifle has a real wood furniture and metal body. It takes a stick style battery, but the top cover and fore grip have been modified to take a longer, 9.6 volt battery.

What most impressed me, is this AEG has mostly AK47 furniture and body parts. This isn’t just a Javelin AK74 that had the body sanded. The body and wood furniture are replicas of the original AK47. The rifle I got for review didn’t include a metal metal flash hider, so you’ll want to replace the plastic orange one with a AK47 specific FH like a slant break.

The included MOSFET is also a nice addition. It’s in an aluminum housing and can be moved out of the body for battery installation if needed. I test fired with an 11.1 volt, 20c stick Lipo battery and had no issues. A 9.6 NiMH stick battery will also work, but it’s a very snug fit.


  • Method of Operation:? Electric Blowback (EBB)
  • Fire Control Selection:? Safe-Semi-Full Auto Selectable
  • Caliber:? 6mm
  • Battery Type:?Stick Type
  • Average Velocity:? 400 feet per second with 0.20g Javelin BBs
  • Cyclic Rate of Fire: 750-850 rounds per minute
  • Real Wood Furniture
  • Metal Parts Distressed for the worn combat look
  • Stainless Steel inner barrel
  • 7mm Metal Bushings
  • Low Resistance Wiring with MOSFET
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Metal Spring Guide with Bearing
  • High Performance Motor
  • Ventilated Gearbox design
  • 60 Day Limited Warranty

Javelin Airsoft Works – AK47 Battle Veteran EBB

Chronograph results at around 416 fps with .20 bb’s.