Maruzen – APS2 SV (Sniper Version)

Manufacturer: Maruzen (Japan)
Type: Bolt Action Spring
Date Acquired: 06/2003

Maruzen APS2 SV with all the upgrades installed (See Below)

My Maruzen APS2 SV (New Commander Bipod, Verspod Clone)

UPDATE! The CA Gas Cylinder Broke!!! Replaced it with and 300%Upgraded Spring Cylinder from my pals at Airsoft Extreme. So any references to the Gas Cylinder will soon be edited out

Well it had to happen sooner or later. I wanted to check out a Bolt action action rifle…

My Maruzen APS2 SV. Bipod deployed (b4 upgrades)

Originally this rifle came with a spring driven cylinder, and I was amazed at the power and range or the stock unit.

My Maruzen APS2 SV. (b4 upgrades)

(Chronograph will be here in about a week so I can get some hard numbers)

But… as usual with me, I had to start upgrading the gun. I've already added the following:

  • BEC 4×30 Sniper Scope with Lighted Reticle
  • First Factory APS2 PPS Bolt Handle
  • First Factory APS2 PPS Scope Mount
  • CA Complete APS2 Level 2 Cylinder with 300% spring, spring guide & ver3 vacuum piston
  • Commander Bipod (Verspod Clone)
  • KM APS2 SV Silencer
  • Gaurder Sniper Cheek Rest
  • Props Canada 7.62mm Dummy Bullets

  • Close Up of the First Factory Upgrades

    Close Up of the First Factory Upgrades. Bolt open showing Gas Valve

    Close Up of the Commander Bipod and KM Silencer (Yes the silencer really silences)

    I was impressed on how the gun shot stock, but after adding the Gas Cylinder it shoots insanely hard. I had to order heavier bb's to see if I can get the bb's flight path under control.

    Chrono results (FPS)
    300% Spring Cylinder

    .20 BB's
    Min: 607.10
    Max: 609.92
    Avg: 607.45

    .43 BB's
    Min: 385.54
    Max: 402.86
    Avg: 392.97

Poseidon – Seburo – CX Compact Xploder – Maruzen PPK/S New Type

Manufacturer: Maruzen (Japan)
Manufacturer: Poseidon (Japan)
Type: Gas Blow Back + Garage Kit

Well it had to happen… I will now attempt to build the Seburo – CX Compact Xploder, a line of weapons dreamed up by Masamune Shirow, the author of Ghost in the Shell and many other wonderful Anime and Manga.

Here's what the finished product looks like… I hope mine looks this way when I'm done.

Maruzen Walther PPK/S is the Base Gun

Maruzen Walther PPK/S (Bottom) Size Comparison to a Jericho and HK USP


You wanna quick way to f-up a perfectly good Walther PPK or Resin Model Kit? Just send them my way… One thing I found out a bit too late (After Bonding the Seburo Slide to the Walther, is that the PPK New Type is different in dimensions then the original Maruzen PPK/s this resin kit was built around. Needless to say everythings a mess right now, but I'm a working on fixing it all.


OK… after hours and hours of putty-ing and sanding and airbrushing flat black and gun metal…

The Seburo next to its' owner

I still need to work on the mag release and sanding the slide down a little more, but it shoots as a stock PPK would. Slide blows back. May need to get a harder recoil spring.

Seburo CX