Intel – AEX L.A. – 12.30.06

Quick trip just before New Years! Christmas cleaned the store out pretty well. So i reviewed what I could.

Laylax/Satellite – Brick Target Sets

These are cool, relatively cheap and fun. These are target diorama sets made out of foam for use as airsoft targets. # sets are currently available.

I will be writing a more in depth review of these sets as I get a chance to test them more thoroughly.


G&P AEX SMG 9mm flat top type

This is an AEG partnership between G&P and AEX. It's a very solid gun to handle and fires around 320-330 fps. Full metal body with engraved AEX markings. The 9mm magazine kit is a permanent add-on. Also added are a 9mm style shell deflector and the following features:

  • All metal body (with AEX logos)
  • One piece outer barrel
  • Metal hopup chamber
  • Reinforced 7mm bearing gearbox
  • Metal spring guide with bearing
  • Polycarbon piston
  • G&P Metal gearset
  • 9mm conversion (compatible only with G&P 9mm mags)
  • Flat top upper receiver with removable carry handle
  • Unique individual serial numbers
  • Comes with one 90 round midcap Uzi magazine – Click here to order more!
  • INCLUDES?A FREE CUSTOM 9.6v 1400 NiMH nunchuck?BATTERYA $50 Value (no mini batteries fit)

Tanio Koba -VP70 with Stock

The Tanio Koba VP70 is an interesting gun. Since it a Japanese GBB, I only tested it using the weaker 134a gas. But the performance wasn't bad at around 280 fps. With the shoulder stock attached this gun will shoot in either semi auto or 3 shot burst.


Tanaka Mauser Gew 33/44

I already own 2 variants of the Tanaka M700 series, so I was always curious about the older generation Tanaka Mausers. These are also gas bolt action rifles and shoot around 440fps with green gas and .20 bb's. Like the later generation Tanaka, these are very consistent in fps for gas rifles. And just like all Tanaka's gas, bolt action rifles, the magazines are rather expensive.



Intel – AEX L.A. – 12.23.06

I had to make 1 more quick trip before Xmas day.

Tokyo Marui – M14 SOCOM

I got to fondle and fire the Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM today. The build is much more solid then the first releases of the TM M14. The stock is checkered in the hand grip, so it's a very positive feel in hand, and they seemed to beef up the stocks rigidity. It fires at a little less FPS then the orginal TM M14 due to the shorter barrel, but still a respectable 300-308 fps. It comes with an integrated scout style scope mount above the foregrip.


KWA – M1911 with Metal Slide

I have 2 other KWA guns. The USP Full Size and Compact. The problem with these 2 KWA is they have both stopped performing well. I wanted to take a look at the latest KWA which in this case is a 1911 Gov't type. As with all the previous KWA's available from AEX, this 1 comes with a metal slide installed and no trademarks. It performed well at 200-320 fps, but my USP's also functioned fine when first purchased too. So I'm a little hesitant recommending this gun based on the under average durability


Devgru – Frogman Field Headset

I already own the Toy Soldier – Swimmers Headset which is replica of the Selex TASC1 Headset. The Devgru version looks to be built better then the Toy Soldier version and has multiple radio connectors. The PTT unit of the Devgru headset is easier to operate and far more durably built the the TS version.



BlackHawk – HellStorm Fury Commando with Kevlar Gloves

Manufacturer: BlackHawk (USA)
Type: Gloves

BlackHawk – HellStorm Fury Commando with Kevlar Gloves

I prefer these gloves over S.O.L.A.G. for 2 reasons:

  1. The don't turn my hands black.
  2. Short Cuff. Easy to wear with watch on.

Other then that, the same top notch quality and affordable pricing Blackhawk usually offers. Keep an eye out for BHI Clearance pricing in addition to the AEX/BHI discount. They can be combined! These gloves retailed for over $50.00, on sale for $18.00 with AEX discount

Tactical Vests

You can't really get into airsoft w/o getting some sort of tactical vest. Here's a few in my collection to date.

Manufacturer: Action
Type: Tactical Vest – Plate Carrier

Action ICE Plate Carrier SEP (TAN)

This Action ICE Plate Carrier is a replica of the Parcelete Armor HPV019H – Hard Plate Carrier with ATX0077 triple 5.56/Pistol Pouch.Very nice quality for the $65.00 price. Even came with 2 foam "armor plates"

Manufacturer: PROUD
Type: Tactical Vest – Plate Carrier

PROUD Convertible Plate Carrier (OD)

This PROUD Convertible Plate Carrier is a replica of the HSGI Wasatch Plate Carrier. It can carry 12, 5.56 magazines internally and allow for MOLLE style attachments. It can be used as a Plate Carrier/Chest Rig or can be worn separately. It's decent quality for a fraction of the HSGI cost.

Manufacturer: Mil-Spec
Type: Tactical Magazine Rig with Hydration Carrier

Mil-Spec Tactical Magazine Rig with Hydration (TAN)

This Mil-Spec Tactical Magazine Rig with Hydration is close to being a replica of the SO TEch Hellcat with Bib and Hydration Carrier. It can carry 6, 5.56 magazines internally and allow for MOLLE style attachments. It's OK quality for the $25.00 price.

Manufacturer: BlackHawk
Type: Chest Pouches .223

BlackHawk Chest Pouches .223 (OD)

Took advantage of a BlackHawk Closeout item plus the AEX/BHI discount. Rig carries 4, 5.56 mags in internal, bungee pouches. 3 pistol mags, radio pouch and 3 other velcro flapped pouches. Not a bad deal for $27.20. Regular price was $67.99.

Retailer – Gunner Airsoft – Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I ran across Gunner on Arnie’s Airsoft. He's the "King" of cheapo Chinese airsoft.  The Chinese Copies of the Chinese Copies. I wanted to pull in a set of Multicam Copy BDU's and Gunner was by far the best price for the set @ $48.00.  Yeah… yeah… I already own a bunch of real Crye Precision multicam products.  I wanted to see how good the copy was though and besides, this knockoff set was for my friend.Gunners website is basic, but easy enough to find and order what I was looking for.  Placed the order and paypal'd the funds, BUT didn't hear from Gunner for a couple of weeks after payment sent.  Tried getting a hold of him from his paypal email address, website email address and Arnie's username to no avail. I finally opened a paypal dispute.  Turns out Gunner tells me I should have contacted him using a different email address… Either way, funds were sent on 11/24/2006 and product finally showed up to me 12/12/2006.So, in this case I think this 1 man show has gotten a little overwhelmed due to the popularity of cheapo-airsoft. Although my order was a bit delayed in shipping. It was what was promised.  

FYI, don't buy knockoff multicam stuff, get stuff made with the real Crye Precision multicam material. night and day in the difference in quality.  

Intel – AEX L.A. – 12.14.06

My right before Xmas trip! Lots to see and report on! ?

Tokyo Marui – M14 SOCOM

For a U.S. Based retailer. AEX is starting to get Japanese released gun FAST. They used to be a few weeks behind Hong Kong retailers, but they are expecting a shipment of the M14SOCOM's into the U.S. next week. Right in time for Xmas if you live near 1 of the retail stores. A SOCOM II railed foregrip will follow soon.


Tokyo Marui – Glock 17 GBB

The latest Tokyo Marui GBB Glock 17 does not disappoint. Shooting about 300fps and using green gas no problem. It's a solid build as with all previous TM GBB's. It does feel a bit lighter then the KSC Glock 17 series.

Trigger safety is functional and take down is easy. Was happy to see (Also with the TM 1911A1) the trademarks were "tastefully" altered.


King Arms – FN FAL

Was curious to see King Arms first complete AEG. When I first picked it up it was much lighter then I expected at 7.3 lbs. A bit longer then a TM G3/SG1, but over 1 lbs lighter. The build seemed solid but the lightweight throws you off a bit. It takes a large battery in the butt stock with the same style of butt pad door as the full stock G3's. It fired OK, but the fps results varied alot between shots compared to other AEG's. FPS was between 265 – 291 with .20 bb's. Magazine catch was really tight, but that should work smoother as it's used more.


Star – FNC

The build quality is very similar to the Star L85 line. Semi gloss black painted stamped metal. It reminds me of a TM Type 89 with a paratrooper style stock, but not as heavy.

I tried a TM M16 Highcap and it misfed alot. Seems to only like the included Star magazine. Battery goes in the foregrip and its a custom slim nunchuck style. Like the Type 89, the Star FNC also has a mechanical 3 shot burst. But the Star's 3 shot burst sometimes only shoots 2 bb's instead of 3 and the timing of the 3 shots isn't consistent.

It had some insanely high FPS around 370 -390 out of the box though.



Arms Magazine – Lady Chihiro

One of the reasons I prefer Arms magazine over other airsoft magazines, is for their tasteful use of female models. I know Arms magazine isn't widely available in outside of Japan, so… I feel less bad in scanning and posting LOL.

Recently ARMs has been featuring a lady, who not only is attractive, but also plays airsoft and paintball competitively. Her name is Lady Chihiro and is always pictured in some great tactical gear with some trick airsoft loadouts.

Reaction Gunball Man

Type: Target

Reaction Gunbal Man.

It was one of those, "I'm placing an small Hong Kong Airsoft order, but I'd hate to waste the shipping charges, so add more stuff to teh order." type of buy. I had always been interested to get 1 of these just to check it out anyway.

When I received it I was suprised how small the unit actually is. The pictures on the websites don't give you somethign else in the picture to gauge the size (Although I just noticed WGC posted the height in mm) and for wahtever reason I jsut assumed it would be larger. It also attaches to the base with a pretty powerful magnet. KEEP THIS AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER EQUIPMENT!

Reaction Gunbal Man – Magazine and Pistol for size reference.

It's pretty fun to shoot at. It's actually somewhat challenging at 10 feet or more away. Full auto with an AEG makes the little guy "dance".

Downtown’s – End of Century Heroes, Go Ranger

Japanese comedy team Downtown's, regular skit called End of the Century Heroes, Go Ranger (5 Rangers). Subtitled in english and originally posted on youtube by donzaemon.

Go Ranger
Episode 1 – Too Many Reds

Go Ranger
Episode 2 – Citrus

Go Ranger
Episode 3 – Tiger Mask 

Go Ranger
Episode 4 – Falcon 

Go Ranger
Episode 5 – Creepy Blue 

Go Ranger
Episode 6 – Pink Died 

Go Ranger
Episode 7 – New Pink 

Go Ranger
Episode 8 – Pink Returns

Go Ranger
Episode 9 – Red Ranger Gets Eaten 

Go Ranger
Episode 10 – 4 Years Later – Last Episode