Intel – AEX L.A. – 12.30.06

Quick trip just before New Years! Christmas cleaned the store out pretty well. So i reviewed what I could.

Laylax/Satellite – Brick Target Sets

These are cool, relatively cheap and fun. These are target diorama sets made out of foam for use as airsoft targets. # sets are currently available.

I will be writing a more in depth review of these sets as I get a chance to test them more thoroughly.


G&P AEX SMG 9mm flat top type

This is an AEG partnership between G&P and AEX. It's a very solid gun to handle and fires around 320-330 fps. Full metal body with engraved AEX markings. The 9mm magazine kit is a permanent add-on. Also added are a 9mm style shell deflector and the following features:

  • All metal body (with AEX logos)
  • One piece outer barrel
  • Metal hopup chamber
  • Reinforced 7mm bearing gearbox
  • Metal spring guide with bearing
  • Polycarbon piston
  • G&P Metal gearset
  • 9mm conversion (compatible only with G&P 9mm mags)
  • Flat top upper receiver with removable carry handle
  • Unique individual serial numbers
  • Comes with one 90 round midcap Uzi magazine – Click here to order more!
  • INCLUDES?A FREE CUSTOM 9.6v 1400 NiMH nunchuck?BATTERYA $50 Value (no mini batteries fit)

Tanio Koba -VP70 with Stock

The Tanio Koba VP70 is an interesting gun. Since it a Japanese GBB, I only tested it using the weaker 134a gas. But the performance wasn't bad at around 280 fps. With the shoulder stock attached this gun will shoot in either semi auto or 3 shot burst.


Tanaka Mauser Gew 33/44

I already own 2 variants of the Tanaka M700 series, so I was always curious about the older generation Tanaka Mausers. These are also gas bolt action rifles and shoot around 440fps with green gas and .20 bb's. Like the later generation Tanaka, these are very consistent in fps for gas rifles. And just like all Tanaka's gas, bolt action rifles, the magazines are rather expensive.