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Hong Kong

eHobbyAsia seems to be the largest Hong Kong based airsoft retailer on Ebay (listing over 4300 items in their store with over 28000 feedbacks).  I've only placed a few orders for some knock off tactical gear (Helmets, Helmet Covers, etc).

They carry all the major Japanese brands of airsoft weapons and accessories.  Most of the stuff you'd see at palces like WGC or Dentrinity. 

The ordering was eBay easy, tracking number was sent a few days after paypal and items arrived when promised.


G&P Rebar Cutter Flash Hider

Manufacturer: G&P
Type: Flash Hider 

I wanted a more aggressive, different looking front end for my M4 S-System. The G&P "Rebar Cutter" type of flash hider.

G&P Rebar Cutter Style Flash Hider

This flash hider is all metal with a -14mm thread.  Great quality and goes well with my WA Doberman 😉

G&P Rebar Cutter Flash Hider, G&G SOPMOD Stock, Guarder AP style Reddot, Cateliver Mount on a TM M4 S-System 

Classic Army Multi Tool

Manufacturer: Classic Army
Type: Misc

Bruiser over at AEX gave this to me. It's Classic Army's version of a Leatherman style tool.

Classic Army Multi Tool Closed

This seems to be a promotional item from CA. The build is OK, but the multi tool does include the socket drivers. Don't knwo how functional this tool will really be, but a nice item for a CA fanboy.

Classic Army Multi Tool Open