Tokyo Marui – Colt M4A1 Carbine BOYS Version

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: EBB
Date Acquired: 12/2003

Size Comparison Shot: TM M4/R.I.S. AEG, TM Colt M4A1 Carbine BOYS Version

Just for the record!!! I bought this for my 30 year old younger bro for Xmas. He used to use my AEG's and break them so I thought i'd shame him a little by making him play with this one.

Well, I thought I'd never buy one of these, BUT it actually is a very fun airsoft gun to shoot. For $68.00 from WGC you really can't beat it for a select fire electric gun. Luckily I had a pretty large order with WGC and the added shipping cost was only a few bucks more.

A good review by Redwolf airsoft is here:

Hmmm there's really no comparison to my M4 in weight, size or power. Th M4 BOYS is just as advertised. For Kiddies. But we found a good use for in-office skirmishes. My Akimbo G3Mini/EBB Desert Eagle against my bro and his M4BOYS.


  • 68 bux for a 80% sized version of the M4 carbine. Could also be taken as a Con depending on what you're expecting of the rifle.
  • Good for indoor home/office skirmishing. Doesn't dent or penetrate drywall?
  • The "Shame" factor my bro felt when taking this to a skirmish. He has now bought his own AEG?
  • Hmm if I think of any more I'll add later…


  • Well what do you expect for 68 bux? It's not even worth listing cons as compared to a regular AEG.
  • The High Cap mag is confusing as hell to prime with bb's. Just something to get used to I guess.

I guess if you compare this to a mini electric you have some neat features, adjustable hop-up and magazine loading, but in NO WAY should anyone think this is something to go to skirmish with against real AEG's.