CAW – BG-15 Grenade Launcher

Manufacturer: Craft Apple Works (Japan)
Type: Grenade Launcher

CAW – BG-15 Grenade Launcher

The CAW – BG-15 Grenade Launcher is a replica of BG-15 Mukha, Russian Grenade Launcher. Real steel info here.

For a CAW Grenade Launcher, this version is suprisingly heavy and the build has more metal then past CAW builds. But the barrel is still plastic/resin as most CAW grenade launchers are. This is a muzzle loaded launcher.

It performs well, handling all the grenades I currently own. Still a bit awkward to muzzle load, especially on a full size AK.

CAW – BG-15 Grenade Launcher

G&P USMC Helmet and OEF Goggles

Manufacturer: G&P (Hong Kong)
Type: Gear

G&P USMC Helmet and OEF Goggles

G&P USMC Helmet (Tan)

  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable – Ships with 2 sizes of internal foam.

G&P USMC OEF Googles (Tan)

  • Lightweight.
  • Uncomfortable face seal. Feels like it's made from plasti-rubber.
  • Uncertain on lense protection level.

G&P USMC Helmet and OEF Goggles

Not a bad setup for a GRAW style setup. Affordable and decent quality build.

Retailer – Boom Arms – Hong Kong

Hong Kong

BOOM ARMS Airsoft is not only a Hong Kong based retailer, but a Cafe. It's nice to do business with people who are actually into airsoft as a sport.

Quote: Boom Arms Website
Boom Arms Cafe is a great place for airsoft fans to sit and share their experience on airsoft, wargame, etc… We provide different kind of nice snacks and drinks for our customers, at the same time, they can have their love guns and gears on hand and play with them. Below are some snapshots of Boom Arms Cafe which show how enjoyable our customers are!

They've been around for years, but I've had some problems in the past with slow replies to orders. Fortunately they just recently released some new Bomber parts (I believe Bomber is BOOM ARMS own brand. Will confirm). And their replies were very quick.

I ended up ordering a Bomber Troy Sights,?AK74 Wood Stock Kit and Element AK74 Metal Body. Paypal'd the order and received it in a day and a half (It seems to have bypassed customs all together). Excellent service and great quality, extremely affordable product.

Only gripes I have is sometimes they are a little slow to reply and their website get's laggy at times (Seems to be a web hosting issue). I will definitely order again.

G&P – AK74 Bakelite 150 Round Magazine

Manufacturer: G&P (Hong Kong)

G&P – AK74 Bakelite 150 Round Magazine

The G&P Bakelite (and Plum) AK74 150 Round Midcap Magazines are typical G&P Magazine build. The internal spring is typical G&P weak and does not expel all bb's. The body is mostly plastic and does not fit a stock TM, metal G&P or metal Element AK47 body correctly. The magazine has to literally be forced into latching.

Private Parts Airsoft – G36 Magwell Conversion Kit

Manufacturer: Private Parts Airsoft
Type: Conversion Kit

Update 02/2007

Just discovered that TM Type 89 Magazines will work in the PPA Magwell. (Another great tip from AEX 😉 TM Type 89 mags will not fit in a regular Armalite style AEG though. Not only do they work, they work well in that it's a much more snug fit. Virtually no mag wobble and as with all the other Armalite style magazines, the bbs feed perfectly.

Private Parts Airsoft – G36 Magwell Conversion Kit Installed

We all know of the abundance of Armalite (STANAG) style magazines. Plus most G36 owners know it's hard to find pouches that accommodate multiple G36 magazines. The Private Parts Airsoft – G36 Magwell Conversion Kit is an incredibly easy add-on to install and enables a G36 to use Armalite style magazines. This is a well designed add-on and can easily be switched to the regular magwell.

Private Parts Airsoft – G36 Magwell Conversion Kit Installed

So far, TM Low Caps, TM High Caps, MAG Mid Caps, Star Low Caps and even my old… DTP Beta C-Mag have functioned flawlessly in the magwell conversion. With C-Mag installed it is a little trouble getting to the mag release though.

Private Parts Airsoft – G36 Magwell Conversion Kit with DTP Beta C-Mag

This is a great, affordable add-on which benefits the airsofter that owns both Armalite and G36 style AEG's

Retailer – RSOV – Hong Kong

Hong Kong

RSOV is a Hong Kong retailer specializing in the ACM (All Chinese Made). I found them while researching Gunner Airsoft on Arnie's website, as being a good alternative to Gunners since he got so busy.

I'm not into the Chinese Clones, but I found it interesting how RSOV was communicating they would also get stuff for you from other Hong Kong retailers on top of their own product line. I decided to test them out on this.

I've been wanting to get custom AK SOPMOD Bolt and Selector from GWS (Gunsworkshop) (These are the same guys who made the original XM8/G36 conversion kits), but their website isn't very order friendly and it seems they only want to deal with quantity or high priced sales.

AK SOPMOD Bolt and Selector

AK SOPMOD Bolt and Selector

So I shot off an email to RSOV, to see if he could source the product an a few hours later I got the reply, with price including shipping and the fact that RSOV (Keith) would go and p/u up the part the next day. The price was more then fair, so I agreed and he didn't even ask for money up front. Next day I get and email with a picture of the part(s) and a confirmation of price. I immediately paypal'd the funds and 2 days later, received the parts here in the U.S.! Out-f-ing-standing service! With this type of effort I can see RSOV (Keith) becoming a huge success soon. I just hope he doesn't get too busy to provide this level of service.

Now his website is still a little "raw", but I'm sure that will improve as his business grows. For U.S. based customers, in the lower left of the website, you will find a drop down to select to view pricing in U.S. Dollars. RSOV did quote me in British Pounds though, but I just used Paypal to make that conversion.

Intel – UFC, X47 Rail System

In Arms Magazine, 04/2007, there's an ad by the UFC (Union Fire Company), is the same company that has brought us the airsoft versions Magpul M93 and CTR stock systems.

The ad is showing X47 rail system for Tokyo Marui AK47's. This looks to be a proper copy of the TDI AK Railsystem used on the BHI SOPMOD AK's. (ICS came out with a similar looking rail system, but it can only be used on an ICS AK74 and it's not a 100% replica of the TDI Rail system) This rail system is made from 7075 Aluminum. Expected release is around "Middle of March 2007".

TM AK47 + UFC X47 + G&P 58* AK Conversion + VLTOR style stock + GWS SOPMOD Bolt and Selector = SOPMOD AK!!!

Chicks dig BHI SOPMOD Ak's!

Intel – First Factory Goodies 2007

Veteran airsoft shoppers know the First Factory brand. FF is 1 of the largest Airsoft retailers in Japan and they also manufacture their own goods. FF is well known for their custom rail systems and AEG conversions.

Yet another First Factory Meat Tenderizer!

I came across this in ARMs Magazine. 04/2007. This appears to be a new Armalite front end piece called the Judgment. Details past that aren't available yet. Will keep you posted on developments.

Oakley – S.I. Assault Gloves

Manufacturer: Oakley (USA)
Type: Tactical Gloves

Oakley – S.I. Assault Gloves Tan

The Oakley – Standard Issue Assault Gloves are an extremely comfortable tactical glove option. These gloves feel very different then more traditional tactical gloves from Hatch, Blackhawk, Damascus, etc, due to the use of non traditional materials.

  • Rugged mico-vented leather palm reinforced.
  • Carbon fiber knuckle plating.
  • Premium leather and durable synthetics with flexible articulated construction.
  • Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports for comfortable breathability.
  • Surfacing on palms and fingers for a secure grip plus textured pull for easy donning.
  • 4-way stretch material and Airprene® joint panels for superior fit and dexterity.
  • Nonrestrictive Airprene® mid-height cuff with secure Velcro® closure.

Oakley – S.I. Assault Gloves TanClose up

The rigged carbon fiber knuckles add lateral rigidity and unique looks to the glove. I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of a punch with someone wearing these gloves. All the fabric used is very breathable, while you felt the glove insulated your hands, I never felt hot wearing them.