Intel – UFC, X47 Rail System

In Arms Magazine, 04/2007, there's an ad by the UFC (Union Fire Company), is the same company that has brought us the airsoft versions Magpul M93 and CTR stock systems.

The ad is showing X47 rail system for Tokyo Marui AK47's. This looks to be a proper copy of the TDI AK Railsystem used on the BHI SOPMOD AK's. (ICS came out with a similar looking rail system, but it can only be used on an ICS AK74 and it's not a 100% replica of the TDI Rail system) This rail system is made from 7075 Aluminum. Expected release is around "Middle of March 2007".

TM AK47 + UFC X47 + G&P 58* AK Conversion + VLTOR style stock + GWS SOPMOD Bolt and Selector = SOPMOD AK!!!

Chicks dig BHI SOPMOD Ak's!