Original SOE – Rallyman Pouch + Shotgun and Garand Trays

Manufacturer: Original S.O.E. Gear (USA)
Type: Tactical Gear

Original SOE – Rallyman Pouch

The Original SOE – Rallyman Pouch is is 1 of OSOE’s most popular items. It is a very versatile magazine pouch and can carry everything from M16 and AK47 to 7.26 NATO Magazines.

Original SOE – Rallyman Pouch

By itself it can carry the following configurations:

  • 3x M4 magazines (with or without magpuls/plates)
  • 2x AK47/74 magazines
  • 2x FAL/M14/G3 magazines,
  • 1x Smoke Grenade.

Original SOE – Rallyman Pouch + Shotgun Tray

But to extend the versatility of the Rallyman Pouches, OSOE came up with pull out trays as well. The 16 Round, 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell tray works well. You can secure the tray with a 6" long piece of para cord or CT Mini Lanyard, so I can pull the entire tray out of the pouch to get to all shells. but keep tray tethered to the pouch. This tray holds 4 more rounds then traditional shotgun ammo pouches and can be easily be changed to support a different kind of ammo/magazine.

Original SOE – Rallyman Pouch + Garand Tray

My other favorite pull out tray is for Garand Clips. This holds 6 Garand clips which is the same as a bandolier, but in a more up to date pouch. As with the shotgun tray, this can be securely tethered to pouch. Perfect setup for SHTF or Zombie load outs.

RAP4- Land Warrior II Camera System

Manufacturer: RAP4
Type: Rail Mounted Camera System

RAP4- Land Warrior II Camera System

The rap4.com guys were kind enough to send over their latest Land Warrior II System Wireless Camera system. We have previously reviewed their Land Warrior Camera System in 2008.

The Unit itself is a self contained video camera system. Camera, 3.7v Li-Ion Battery and SD Card are contained in 1 water resistant unit. It also has a Mini USB and AV Out ports and comes with related cables. It can take up to a 16Gig Micro SD Card and can record in either 720×480 or 640×480 30 or 15 frames per second video modes. The camera has a built in 1.5: LCD Video screen, built in microphone and can take still shots. .

RAP4- Land Warrior II Camera System

The LW2 Camera System comes in 3 colors. ACU (Pictured), Black and Woodland. It comes with the following accessories included:

  • 1 x Land Warrior II digital video recorder
  • 1 x Universal barrel/tube mount (mount on any barrel or handlebars)
  • 1 x RIS Mount
  • 1 x Helmet Mount
  • 2 x 3.7v 2200mah rechargeable batteries (3 hours of recording per battery)
  • 1 x Wall recharger
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x RCA cable

The cameras controls are simple to use. When hooked up via Mini USB to your computer, the camera acts as an external storage device, giving you direct access to your avi files.

Original SOE – Peltor Headband Wrap

Manufacturer: Original S.O.E. Gear (USA)
Type: Tactical Gear

Original SOE – Peltor Headband Wrap – on Peltor Style Headset

The Original SOE – Peltor Headband Wrap is simple idea, but effective addition if you wear a Peltor style headset for extended periods. This wrap adds padding and and airmesh liner for ventilation.

These also work well on Sordin style headsets and they fit over the included Sordin wrap.

Original SOE – Peltor Headband Wrap – on Sordin Style Headset

Hooah Airsoft – M14 to Garand Conversion Kit

Manufacturer: Hooah Airsoft (USA)
Type: Conversion Kit

Hooah Airsoft – M14 to Garand Conversion Kit

The Hooah Airsoft – M14 to Garand Conversion is for Tokyo Marui and TM Clone M14’s. I used an AGM M14 for this conversion.

This is not a "Ready to Fit" conversion kit. There are alot of modifications that need to be done to get this to work.

Kit Includes

  • Stock Augmentation Piece – Gives the lower stock a more Garand shape
  • Front Barrel and Gas Block assembly – Resin front site, locking lug, locking screw (single slot) and gas tube.
  • Upper and Lower hand Guards – Resin
  • 14 Round Flush Mount Magazine/Clip. Although you only get about 10-11 rounds to fire.

What you’ll need to supply

  • Tokyo Marui or TM Clone M14 AEG
  • Bondo – I used Bondo-Glass, which has fiberglass mixed with the Bondo
  • Sand Paper – Luckily I have electric orbital sanders, so it made that part of the job go faster.
  • Spray Paint – Rustoleum Dark Brown Satin matched the pieces supplied in the kit. I used a Matte Clear to top coat everything.
  • Adhesive Velcro – I used this to make body parts removable.
  • Time and Patience

Rather then break down each step it took and why, to get the conversion kit to the state you see it in took me about 5 days working on it about 1-2 hours a day. 1st part was bonding everything together and waiting for it to dry/cure. Then sanding and patching. Then more sanding, then primer, painting and waiting for it to dry. This is by no means a “Drop In” conversion.

So, why do this conversion rather then buy a gas Marushin Garand? It still keeps all the goodness and reliability of an AEG in operation. Internally it can be upgraded or repaired with TM compatible M14 parts.

The furniture supplied with the kit is all molded resin colored walnut brown. Earlier Hooah kits, had real Garand wood and metal parts, modified for use on the conversion. The resin pieces of the kit all need to be adjusted and fitted.

The flush magazines are actually modified China Clone Shotgun, 14 round mags. As a typical AEG goes, you don’t feed 4-5 bb’s at the end of the mag, so each mag only yield 9-10 shots, which would be close to the real 8 shot of a Garand. But these mags are a pain to remove since they sit far inside the magwell. I may experiment with adding a pull tab to the mags at a later date. But it can run normal M14 AEG mags as well, so you have options.

Hooah Airsoft – M14 to Garand Conversion Kit

Paint wise I just wanted to match the resin hand guards supplied with the kit. At a later date I may add a simulated wood grain, but I have a real M1 Garand for that.