Classic Army M249 Upper R.I.S.

Manufacturer: Classic Army (Hong Kong)
Type: R.I.S.

Classic Army M249 Upper R.I.S.

To complete the MK46 Mod0 look ala Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, I added the Classic Army M249 Upper R.I.S. unit.

Classic Army M249 Upper R.I.S. "Closeup"

This is an all metal unit and very easy to install. A drawback is you need to remove the upper R.I.S. to remove the barrel. Another drawback being the added weight of the all metal R.I.S.

G&G SOPMOD “Clubfoot” stock

Manufacturer: G&G

The G&G SOPMOD, "clubfoot" stock system is an addon I've been wanting to add to my M4-S for a while now. Since the Laylax Battery Sling, solved the battery placement problem, I was able to justify a stock that could never take a battery.

G&G SOPMOD Stock on TM M4 S-System

The build is mostly metal, except for the foam cheekrest and rubber buttpad. It adds a nice chunk of weight to the backend of the gun to help counter balance the front heaviness.

G&G SOPMOD stock fully closed position

The install was EXTREMELY easy and the stock has very little wobble.

G&G SOPMOD stock fully extended position

Inova – 24/7

Manufacturer: Inova
Type: Multiple High Output LED's

The Inova 24/7 is a multipurpose, high output tactical LED system. This is a modern replacement to those G.I. Style Angle Head Flashlight we all once had.

This is a 3 volt system that uses 1x CR123a battery. It has 8 functions: Low Output White Light, High Output White Light, Signal Strobe, S.O.S. Signal, 3 Color Distress Strobe, 2 Color Emergency Beacon, Night Vision Red adn Locator Beam. It also comes with various mounting systems: Head Strap, Neck Lanyard, Magnetic Mount and Wall Mount, but it can also freestand and has a built on clip.

Kentex – JGSDF Watch


Manufacturer: Kentex
Type: Watch

Hobby Japan/ ARM's Magazine created a line of Japanese Military Watches (The only real airsoft tie-in is ARM's Magazine). Just in time for the release of the Tokyo Marui Type 89 Wink.  They made a watch for each service: 

  • JGSDF (Japan Ground Self Defense Force)
  • JMSDF (Japan Marine Self Defense Force)
  • JASDF (Japan Air Self Defense Force)

Each service has their own design. More info on the various designs here

JGSDF Watch and BDU Set

The watch is made by a company called Kentex in Japan.  They have been making mid range dive/sport style watches since 1994.

The JGSDF watch is an all metal band and sports the JGSDF Olive Drab on the face and bezel.  Quality wise I think my Swiss Army Night Vision Urban Camo watch will outperform this watch though.

Oakley – S.I. Assault Shoe

Manufacturer: Oakley
Type: Footwear

Another Oakley Tactical score! These are the shoe/lowcut?version of the Oakley Assault Boots.? These retail for around $155.00, so the shoe version costs almost 2 times more then the Converse Tactical Boots I also own.? Are they worth it?? Yes they are.

Oakley?S.I. Assault Shoe

I went for the lowcut version?as an "everyday" work shoe.?Fortunately I wear shorts almost daily?so the lowcuts make less of a?"militant"?impression? Wink.

When the U.S. Elite Special Forces needed footwear, they came to Oakley. Based on the boot we co-developed for military operations in varied environments, the S.I. Assault Shoe offers the same athletically inspired design of durable, lightweight materials. Moisture wicking synthetics are combined with shock absorbing materials to maintain the highest level of comfort, and the sole is engineered for traction in any terrain.

  • Genuine full-grain leather with soft temper for durability and comfort
  • Abrasion resistant advanced polymer outsole with wet/dry surface grip plus directional lug tread for traction on both smooth and rough terrain
  • Athletically inspired design with lightweight, responsive EVA midsole combined with prime polyurethane footbed for the all-day comfort of shock absorption
  • Comprehensive moisture control, secure heel retention, and gusseted tongue to block debris

Oakley?S.I. Assault Shoe??

These are extremely comfortable shoes and perfect for everyday use.