Poseidon – Seburo – CX Compact Xploder – Maruzen PPK/S New Type

Manufacturer: Maruzen (Japan)
Manufacturer: Poseidon (Japan)
Type: Gas Blow Back + Garage Kit

Well it had to happen… I will now attempt to build the Seburo – CX Compact Xploder, a line of weapons dreamed up by Masamune Shirow, the author of Ghost in the Shell and many other wonderful Anime and Manga.

Here's what the finished product looks like… I hope mine looks this way when I'm done.

Maruzen Walther PPK/S is the Base Gun

Maruzen Walther PPK/S (Bottom) Size Comparison to a Jericho and HK USP


You wanna quick way to f-up a perfectly good Walther PPK or Resin Model Kit? Just send them my way… One thing I found out a bit too late (After Bonding the Seburo Slide to the Walther, is that the PPK New Type is different in dimensions then the original Maruzen PPK/s this resin kit was built around. Needless to say everythings a mess right now, but I'm a working on fixing it all.


OK… after hours and hours of putty-ing and sanding and airbrushing flat black and gun metal…

The Seburo next to its' owner

I still need to work on the mag release and sanding the slide down a little more, but it shoots as a stock PPK would. Slide blows back. May need to get a harder recoil spring.

Seburo CX