Intel – Spartan Imports – Shot Show 2007


Thanks to our friends at Spartan Imports, we not only have some new CA models to look forward to seeing, they are actually ready for production. Models were on display in the Spartan Imports booth at the Shot Show 2007.

Not only are there some suprising releases from CA, but also Marushin, AMP Tactical and Inokatsu to name a few.

Exclusively for Spartan Imports. ?Marushin will be releasing export only, green gas ready versions of their Garand, M2 Carbine, and M500.

Spartan Imports -Shot Show 2007 Booth. Getting bigger every year.

While theres a bunch of guns ready for production that Spartan showed at Shot, the next 3 releases will be M15VN, XM177 and the SCAR-L.

Classic Army – HK53.

Classic Army – M41A4(Top) and M41A3(Bottom)

Classic Army – M14 Scout

Classic Army – M14 Scout

Spartan Imports Exclusive!? Export only, green gas friendly versions of the Garand, M2, and?M500 modified?by Marushin.?

Classic Army – SCAR-L

Classic Army – SLR-105 A1 Para

Classic Army – SLR-105 U

Classic Army -?SLR-105 Compact?

Inokatsu M60's

AMP Tactical and Private Parts Product Lineup

And over in the EOTech booth…

Spartan Imports supplied EOTech all the CA base guns to display their sights. Nice crossover 😉

EOTech Booth – CA Guns

EOTech Booth – CA Guns