GWS – Offset Vertical Grip

Manufacturer: GWS, (Hong Kong)
Type:External Body Add-on

GWS – Offset Vertical Grip

The GWS – Offset Vertical Grip is a replica of the Kreb’s Custom Offset Vertical grip they design for use on the BHI SOPMOD AK. For a few years now I’ve been trying to buy the real Kreb’s grip, but I never was able to find 1 for sale and sadly it seems they’ve been discontinued. Luckily GWS made a replica of the Krebs Grip recently, and even though I had a bad experience with GWS‘ parts already, I had to add this for the price.

GWS – Offset Vertical Grip with Surefire sharing the same rail

The build is all plastic with metal allen screws. This grip mounts to the side rail which aids in AK47 magazine removal (See Below). You’ll notice the "C" cutout on the side of the grip. This accommodate the use of a Tactical Light on the same side rail and the positioning of the tail cap switch near your thumb.

GWS – Offset Vertical Grip – Full View

The offset aspect of the grip allows for an AK-47 style magazine to be released and pushed forward for removal. With a normal vertical grip on the bottom rail, the more curved AK47 magazines will sometimes hit the grip during removal.