Tokyo Marui – HK G3/SG1

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)
Date Acquired: 01/2002

Well, I've negelected my poor G3/SG1 long enough… This guns internals are still as good as new so the only things left for me to do was add external upgrades.

Added some external upgrades to my ol' G3/SG1

This gun now includes the following:

  • WGC Marui AEG's 450 Standard Upgrade Plan II
  • G&G RIS Foregrip (Yes! It's G3/SG1 Bipod Compatible)
  • Bushmaster RIS Covers
  • Marui Knight's Vertical Grip
  • G&G MSG-90 Stock
  • Leapers 3-9X40 Rubber Armored Full Size Scope
  • Guarder HK Scope Mount
  • Butler Creek Fliptop Scope Covers
  • HK Sling
  • Bushmaster Hard Rifle Case

I wanted to get a sniper rifle. Something I could mount a big scope and upgrade the gearbox and srping to fire as far as possible, while still retaining full auto capabilities. I ordered this rig from []Wargameclub[/url] and had the follwoing installed:

  • Marui AEG's 450 Standard Upgrade Plan II

Currently this is how the rig looks

This rig is great for sniping and long range fire support with it's full auto capabilites. With the upgraded gearbox I shoot much heavier bb's which adds to the bb's flight stability. The hopup works great and the integrated bipod works well. Future upgrade would be to add a more accurate inner barrel and possibly a G&G R.I.S. foregrip.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 423.51
Max: 430.72
Avg: 426.84