Hudson – Jericho

Manufacturer: Hudson Industry (Japan)
Type: Gas Blow Back
Date Acquired: 03/2003

Well I love the Anime, Cowboy Bebop (Check in other sections of this site for more info) and I just scored the Jericho (Baby Desert Eagle) used by one of the Cowboy Bebop characters Spike Spiegel.

First impressions… Very beautiful model of a gun!!! It's an exact copy of the real steel version down to all the IMI markings. It's a Gas Blowback gun with Plastic slide and metal frame. How does it shoot??? Did I say it was a beautiful model of a gun???


It's shoots?Terrible! the 2 mags I have leaked on 134a Gas new! ? When it did fire bb's arc'd left and right.


Con's (I really have no Pro's)

  • Can?ONLY use HFC134a
  • Slide is built of Cold Cast Resin.? Very thick and brittle
  • No Metal Slides were ever produced. (Typical of Hudson Guns)
  • No After Market Upgrades (Typical of Hudson Guns)
  • No Replacement Parts (Typical of Hudson Guns)