KJW – HK USP Tactical

Manufacturer: KJW – Kuan Ju Works
Type: Gas Blow Back
Street Price: $80.00

Well the price was hard to beat for a Gas Blowback Pistol that shoots all upgraded gases so I had to check out one of these guns for myself.

First impressions… well the quality is very "rough" compared to Japanese airsoft guns. The plastic slide doesn't match the frame color and things just don't seem as refined, but loading it up with green gas and firing was another story. This gun is loud! The slide action is crisp if not a bit scary. This version came with a threaded barell which will accept a 14mm counter clockwise silencer.

When pulling the trigger, it feels like theres sand or grit in the trigger mechanism. Field stripping this gun is no fun, due to some poorly aligned tolerances.

But it did answer my question on the build and quality of KJWs. Bottom line save a litel more money for quality. I will keep buying Japanese guns though.

I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I sold this thing.

Chrono Results (FPS)
Green Gas
.20 BB's
Min: 276.27
Max: 286.88
Avg: 282.94

I found out 1 thing from the chrono results which I was amazed was kind of low in relation to the loud bang when fired. Most gas seems to be used to cycle the slide rather then propel the BB. Even with a silencer installed, the sound is not significantly decreased as with other GBB pistols using the same silencer.