Proud Tactical Grip/Bipod

Manufacturer: Proud (Hong Kong)
Type: Grip/Bipod

Proud Tactical Grip/Bipod Retracted

One or the things I didn't like about my CA249P, is when you have the box mag attached, your fore grip feels awkward when you shoulder the weapon to aim. I thought an R.I.S. and vertical foregrip would be a perfect solution, but the M249 style bipod would have no place to go.

I then saw a product called the Grip-Pod and they used it on an M249 for just the same reason I was looking for! Downside is the Grip-Pod's are a bit pricey (About $150.00 and most places are on backorder.

Proud Tactical Grip/Bipod "Kachak" Extended

Leave it up to Hong Kong to come up with an airsoft version of this product, produced by "SOTech Vest knockoff" manufacturer Proud. This unit ids built out of a nylon reinforced plastic. which feels very sturdy. The bipod legs are spring loaded and with a push of a large button, the bipod legs deploy very fast with a satisfying "Kachak" sound.

Installed on CA249, Legs Retracted

This vertical grip is wider in diameter and longer then your usual vertical grip. With this installed on the CA249P it is very comfortable to shoulder aim even with the large box mag installed. Very easy to go from hip to shoulder fire and back. A simple push of the large button on the grip, "Kachak" bipod extended. To put legs back, simply squeeze together and push up into grip body until it locks in place.

Installed on CA249, Legs Extended