Tokyo Marui – JGSDF Type 89

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEG
Date Acquired: 07/2006

I'm rather surprised on the popularity of the Type 89 outside of Japan. Already a few reviews out on this rifle. But hopefully here I can go over some facts that were missed on other reviews.

Tokyo Marui Type 89

Real Steel Info:

Type 89 rifle is a select-fire, gas-operated, rotating bolt firearm. The gas action and bolt group is somewhat similar to USA-designed AR-18 rifle, manufactured by HOWA under license from Armalite Co (USA). Type 89 rifle has receiver made from stamped steel, polymer furniture and flip-up aperture rear sights. It also has lightweight folding bipod. The type 89 was adopted by the JGSDF in 1989 thus the name Type 89.

The airsoft version has a full metal receiver, outer barrel, bipod, front and rear sights. Also includes the version 8 Mechbox which has mechanical 3 round burst. You can actually feel trigger feedback form the gearbox. 1 downside is the bipod scratches up the outer barrel when used.

Stock too short for 8.4 large battery ;(

The rifle takes a stick type battery in the foregrip , but also has a storage compartment in the rear stock that can fit a spare stick battery. The stock is too short to accommodate a large battery. It would appear that there was enough room but you'd have to hollow out the stock too much and affect the overall rigidity of the rifle. The foregrip battery compartment is only large enough for an 8.4 stick battery. The Laylax Battery Sling and Nitro V.O Battery Box + TM T89 Scope Mount are a viable and workable options for a larger battery.

Tokyo Marui Type 89 – With open issue of Toyguns Field from 02/2004.

You may think that the metal body, type 8 mechbox and other features of the Type 89 are new for TM. The reality of it is, Tokyo Marui made/delivered these for the Japanese Army (JGSDF) back in 2003. The above picture shows the 02/04 issue of Toyguns Field Magazine reporting on this. Fortunately, we consumers are seeing close to the same version the JGSDF had delivered.

Tokyo Marui Type 89 – M16 Mag Tests

I tested a few different M16 style magazines to make sure they worked. The magazines tested are:

  • Tokyo Marui Standard Magazine
  • Tokyo Marui Hi-cap Magazine
  • G&P Illuminated Tracer Magazine (Illumination worked fine)
  • MAG 100 round Mid-cap Magazine
  • Start 30 round Low-cap Magazine
  • DTP Electric C-Mag

Tokyo Marui Type 89 – with DTP Electric C-mag

All magazines worked flawlessly. The fit is a little odd if your used to the M16/M14 style of magwells, but it's something to get used to.

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Just chrono'd the gun. Pleasantly surprised with the results.

Tokyo Marui Type 89 Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 287.15
Max: 296.72
Avg: 291.36

Update 08/13/2006

Just a reliability update. This gun is still shooting as when it was brand new. 3 shot burst is working 100% and fps is still with a slight average increase.. Have shot a few hundred rounds through it so far and always using a mix of Armalite style mags.

Update 08/18/2006

First set of accessories came in!

Tokyo Marui Type 89 – with Type 89 Scope Mount and Left Side Selector.

Both Scope Mount and Left Side Selector are all metal. Typical TM high quality and installation instructions are in both Japanese and English.

Tokyo Marui Type 89 – with 1" Tube Reddot

Tokyo Marui Type 89 – with EOTech… I'm still thinking if this is a good combo ;P

Tokyo Marui Type 89 – Left Side Selector.

As you can see in the above pic the Left Side Selector enables right handers to thumb switch.

Update 04/2008

As really no surprise, the Type 89 never really caught on outside of Japan. But this doesn’t mean TM Type 89 3rd party add-on development has stopped. Still very hard to find TM Type 89, Version 8 Mechbox specific internal upgrades. Frontier Japan has made some nice TM Type 89 add-ons:

  • Type 89 R.I.S. Foregrip, Type 89 Side Folding M4 Stock Adapter

Reference Material:

Update 03/2010

First Factory has recently produced some accessories for the Type 89. R.I.S.and rear stocks. I picked up the EBR style stock.

First Facotry – Type 89 EBR Stock