SHOT Show 2014!


DIGITAL Wasteland’s Staff was at it again at SHOT Show 2014!

  • Kevin – Point and Shoot Media Works
  • Blake – Nakamura Exposures
  • Zak (Bottlelot) Holman – Investigative Journalist / Freelance Videographer Avid gun shooter for 6 years.
  • kChanko – PSA minion and Echo 1 "Lover" 😀
  • Wedge – DAS minion, airsofter and avid shooter.
  • uscmCorps – Entertainment industry professional and PTS representative.
  • and ORCA

This year we had a large crew able to attend multiple range days. This is the day before SHOT Show, where you can actually shoot many offerings from firearms manufacturers.

Any pictures or video taken outdoors were most likely at Media Day at the Range. Indoor shots or video were taken at SHOT Show. We were also fortunate to attend many industry events this year.