Magpul PTS/KWA – FPG Complete

Manufacturer: Magpul PTS (Hong Kong) KWA (USA)
Type: GBB

Magpul PTS – FPG Complete

This is the complete version of the Magpul PTS FPG (Folding Pocket Gun), which is built complete by KWA. Previously Magpul PTS only sold the FPG as a kit.

Real Steel Information

The Magpul FMG was inspired by the earlier Ares FMG. The Ares FMG was based on a Mac-10 where the Magpul FMG is based off Glock internals.

Ares FMG – Seen in Robocop

Airsoft Version

Magpul PTS and KWA worked together to build a complete FPG. The Original FPG kit was built to use a KSC or KWA Glock 18c for its’ internal parts, so the partnership was a natural match.

Magpul PTS – FPG Complete

Magpul PTS – FPG Complete

The complete FPG comes with an extended outer and inner barrel which were not available for people who purchased the FPG Kit. It comes with the low profile selector switch and magazine floor plate installed, and includes a 49 round long magazine.

Same performance as a KSC/KWA Glock 18c with slightly higher FPS due to the longer inner barrel.