Laylax 3 Point, External Battery Pack Sling

Manufacturer: Laylax, Satellite (Japan)
Type: External AEG Upgrades

Laylax, Satellite, 3 Point, External Battery Pack Sling

Received this item yesterday and finally had some time today to take a look at it.

From the claims from the manufacturer, this product lives up 100%. It is an EASY way to add large battery capacity to AEG's that are limited to mini batteries in the foregrip. Install time was under 2 minutes… EASY!!!

The battery pack portion of the sling is fully adjustable and using a inline 8 cell 9.6 battery will fit no problem. It may even fit a 10.8 battery, but cannot confirm yet. This portion of the sling has a male, large tamiya type connector. there's also an elastic sleeve that covers the red wiring and white connector from your large battery.

Battery Pack Open

The other end of wiring is a female, mini Tamiya type connector, with enough extra wiring to fit most foregrip battery installs. In this situation with my M4 S, this simplifies the battery changeout process due to the fact an 8.4 mini battery barely.

Battery change out is a breeze! Simply pull the sling down, so your AEG slides to your lower back and the battery pack will slide from your back to your shoulder. At this point it could be a 1 handed operation granted you can reconnect the fresh battery with 1 hand. Close the velcro flaps back up, and pull your AEG back into the ready position, and battery pack slides over your shoulder to yoru back again. No pins to pull, or foregrips to open or fumbling around with wiring to try and close the foregrip properly.

This sling portion is an "old school" style of 3 point sling. Meaning the adjustable/sliding portion of the sling towards the foregrip, does not have a locking buckle. For me it's a little annoying because all my other 3 point slings have the locking buckle, but is very easy to get used to and the sling still assists with load bearing of the AEG. This sling comes with a front HK style sling clip, and a rear free sliding clip. You will need to have clip compatible sling points or extra webbing to accomodate the clips.

I've done many different external mods on my personal AEG's to accomodate larger capacity batteries, Crane Stock, Full Stock, Ready Mag, AN-PEQ's and this is definetly the easiest way to mod for a larger battery.


  • EASILY convert most AEG's with Mini battery in the foregrips to using large type batteries.
  • Easily change batteries. (No pins to pull, or foregrips to open…)
  • Weight of battery acts as counter weight for AEG.
  • Will work with inline 8 cell 9.6v large batteries.
  • Much cheaper then alternatives like cranestocks, ready mags, and an-peqs.
  • In most cases, no rewiring needed (if your AEG takes mini batteries in the foregrip)


  • "Old School" non locking buckle type sling.
  • Only supplied clips for sling attachment
  • Not sure how this system will work with AEGS' with mini batteries rear mounted or stick batteries (i.e. AUG's, P90's, MP5k's, AK47S's) If you mounted the sling backward that would solve the wiring prob, but the sling itself may be uncomfortable.