Intel – AEX L.A. – 08.23.07

Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve reported on anything. Quite honeslty, I’ve either been buying stuff that I touch at the shop and posting direct reviews on them or just not seeing anything worth while to mess around with. But a few goodies I had to check out in the last few trips.

VFC – BAR 1919

It’s a great BAR replica. It’s deceptively light at about 9 lbs, it’s less then half the weight of a real BAR. This is a good weight difference example of building a gun in aluminum over steel. But it’s 1:1 scale and really only for people with big paws. This is a Metal and Wood build.

This one held around 365 fps consistently and it includes a high cap magazine.

But the $1700.00 price tag will probably keep this 1 AEG out of most peoples hands.

Classic Army – CA53

I’ve been waiting for this to show up for a while now.

Shot around the 325-335 fps mark. Beautiful reproduction of the early HK53 with SEF lower. Hope CA makes the HK53 with Navy Markings adn teh 3 shot burst one day.

Features: Metal Body, Metal Front Set, Steel Flash Hider, A3 Lower Receiver, One-piece Forgrip, Metal Hop Up Chamber, 450 Rd Hi-Cap Magazine, Spring- Loaded, Retractable Stock.

Classic Army – SA58 Carbine

The CA SA58 is a reproduction of the DSA SA58, which is a licensed copy of the FN-FAL. this is the Carbine version of the SA58. The build is solid with an all metal machined upper with integrated rail. The big suprise was the working bolt catch!

I was able to do a side by side comparison with the King Arms FAL Tactical Carbine. The CA version is a bit lighter even though more metal is being used. The CA SA58 has integrated top rail, the KA FAL does not. They do not use the same magazines.

The CA SA58 held around 295-310 fps and is a solid build.

Features: Real Firearm Trademark, Realistic Bolt Action, Unique Serial Number, 500 Rd Hi Cap Magazine,7mm Metal Bushing Gear Box, Fiber Fore-Grip, Stock & Hand Grip, CNC Upper Receiver with Scope Mount.