Tokyo Marui – IMI UZI

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui (Japan)
Type: AEG

Dunno what possesed me. As my buddy Bruiser @ AEX said, "Why the heck you get the Marui Uzi??? Oh yeah… you're a chairsofter…"

UZI Does It!

Just got it… It's already been reviewed elswhere

But I can say, chrono results are low compared to other stock TM AEG's, probably due to the short barrel and the "Real-Shock" simulated blow back system.

Even though this AEG has been around for a while (Released in 1998), because it uses the Version 5 gearbox, there are virtually ZERO internal upgrades for the TM UZI.

Chrono Results (FPS)
.20 BB's
Min: 256.82
Max: 258.36
Avg: 257.01