Magpul PTS – AKM Masada

Manufacturer: Magpul PTS (Hong Kong)
Type: AEG

Date Acquired: 03/2012

Magpul PTS – AKM Masada

The Magpul PTS – AKM Masada is basically a ACR Masada with a different lower receiver that accepts AK looking magazines. The AKM Masada ships with upgraded accessories including an 11.5″ Barrel and ACR Multi Folding Stock.

The AKM’s lower receiver is different then the ACR’s in that it takes proprietary 130 round, midcap, AK style magazines. The reason the magazines are proprietary is due to the AKM lower being interchangeable withe the ACR AEG. Hopefully soon, Magpul PTS will sell just the Lower Receivers, so owners of the ACR’s and AKM’s can swap out lowers to their personal preferences. If Magpul PTS designed the AK lower to work with TM Compatible AK Magazines, they would have had to redesign the entire AEG. Functionally there is no advantage running either ACR or AKM lowers. ACR’s can use M4/M16 magazines from other manufacturers though.

Magpul PTS – AKM Masada

Like the ACR, the AKM version has the quick change barrel and quick change spring system. All major body pins are captured and bolt lock is functional. Batteries are carried in the polymer foregrip and there’s multiple sling and strap attachment points.

Magpul PTS – AKM Masada

The AKM Masada shoots comparably to the ACR. We averaged 378 fps with .20 bb’s

S&T – T21 Explorer

Manufacturer: S&T (Smart Team HK)
Type: AEG

S&T – T21 Explorer

The S&T – T21 Explorer is a replica of the Israeli Military/Weapon Industries Tavor. There are many similarities between the S&T and ARES Tavor AEG’s, but our distributor Spartan Imports, is making sure to state these are made by S&T. While there are some similarities between the 2 brands, the S&T T21 parts diagram shows the differences.

Getting back to the S&T T21 specifically, it’s a Sportline version, meaning it’s a low cost AEG. Externally the plastic body is more smooth and glossy then a military rifle, but all trademarks are in tact and seam lines are acceptable. The rails and cover plates on the top of the AEG are all plastic and “wobble” slightly due to the metal screws and bolts not being tightened down completely. . Flip up BUIS (Backup Iron Sights) are also plastic, and fold away easily. The entire AEG weighs a little more then 5lbs and it comes with a 300 round high capacity magazine. “Bolt” lock functions making it easy to adjust hop-up. The fore grip cover houses the Mini type battery compartment and is easy to access. The screws work with the plastic body to make it rigid. If you feel the AEG’s body flex, in most cases you just need to tighten the screws in a specific area to remedy. Suggest you use “finger tight” pressure and loctite if needed. Will be no fun to strip threads on this AEG.

Internally this AEG does come with a quick change spring system which is easy to get to. The gearbox has a poly carbonate shell but with metal gears inside. Since the lower body is not a clamshell the entire AEG needs to be disassembled to access gearbox, hop-up, inner barrel, etc. If we figure out an easier way to access the any portion of the internal w/o complete disassembly, we’ll post our findings.

We were able to test out various magazines. All fed and sat correctly in the T21. We used the following magazines:

  • S&T – 300 round (Included)
  • Tokyo Marui – 68 round
  • Tokyo Marui – 190 round (Shorty High Cap)
  • Tokyo Marui – 300 round
  • Classic Army – 300 round
  • G&P – 190 round (Shorty High Cap)
  • S-Arms – 160 Round
  • Magpul PTS – 120 round PMAG
  • Magpul PTS – 120 round EMAG

Performance out of the box was good. it shoots straight and hop-up adjustments were responsive and would lock in place.

Chronograph results at around 328 fps with .20 bb’s.

Spartan Imports Video of T21

SHOT Show 2012

DW Staff just returned from SHOT Show 2012! This year, we added a few new contributors to the DW staff!

  • Zak (Bottlelot) Holman – Investigative Journalist / Freelance Videographer Avid gun shooter for 6 years
  • Iron Horse – OIF veteran, airsoft retailer employee and gun enthusiast.
  • New Aziel – Airsoft and gun store employee and gun enthusiast.
  • Kyle – Gun store employee and Echo 1 Lover.

Join our existing crew:

  • Ning – Professional photographer and Redback One Marketing Director
  • Wedge – Gun store employee, airsofter and avid shooter.
  • uscmCorps – Entertainment industry professional and PTS by Magpul representative.
  • and ORCA

This year we had a large crew able to attend Media Day at the Range. This is the day before SHOT Show, where you can actually shoot many offerings from firearms manufacturers.

DW Crew – Media Day at the Range

Any pictures or video taken outdoors were most likely at Media Day at the Range. Indoor shots or video were taken at SHOT Show. All pictures and videos are being added and updated on


Javelin Airsoft Works – AK47 Battle Veteran EBB

Manufacturer: Javelin Airsoft Works
Type: AEG

Javelin Airsoft Works – AK47 Battle Veteran EBB

Javelin Airsoft Works AK47 Battle Veteran EBB (Electric Blow Back) airsoft rifle is 1 a new series of JAW Line. The Battle Veteran series has simulated wear marks on the metal body which gives it a more authentic look.

This rifle has a real wood furniture and metal body. It takes a stick style battery, but the top cover and fore grip have been modified to take a longer, 9.6 volt battery.

What most impressed me, is this AEG has mostly AK47 furniture and body parts. This isn’t just a Javelin AK74 that had the body sanded. The body and wood furniture are replicas of the original AK47. The rifle I got for review didn’t include a metal metal flash hider, so you’ll want to replace the plastic orange one with a AK47 specific FH like a slant break.

The included MOSFET is also a nice addition. It’s in an aluminum housing and can be moved out of the body for battery installation if needed. I test fired with an 11.1 volt, 20c stick Lipo battery and had no issues. A 9.6 NiMH stick battery will also work, but it’s a very snug fit.


  • Method of Operation:? Electric Blowback (EBB)
  • Fire Control Selection:? Safe-Semi-Full Auto Selectable
  • Caliber:? 6mm
  • Battery Type:?Stick Type
  • Average Velocity:? 400 feet per second with 0.20g Javelin BBs
  • Cyclic Rate of Fire: 750-850 rounds per minute
  • Real Wood Furniture
  • Metal Parts Distressed for the worn combat look
  • Stainless Steel inner barrel
  • 7mm Metal Bushings
  • Low Resistance Wiring with MOSFET
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Metal Spring Guide with Bearing
  • High Performance Motor
  • Ventilated Gearbox design
  • 60 Day Limited Warranty

Javelin Airsoft Works – AK47 Battle Veteran EBB

Chronograph results at around 416 fps with .20 bb’s.

Beta Project – Tactical AK

Manufacturer: Beta Project (Hong Kong)
Type: AEG

Beta Project – Tactical AK

The Beta Project – Tactical AK was modelled after a real SAIGA in 5.56, built for Tactical guru Travis Haley when he was still with Magpul Dynamics. It was made for him by E-Tac (a.k.a. and

E-Tac – SAIGA 5.56 built for Travis Haley

The Beta Project, airsoft version is based off an AK AEG and functions as a type 3 gearbox AK would. It takes a stick type battery under the upper cover and I was able to easily fit a 9.6 NiMH battery. A Beta Project- 140 Round AK Magazine which is modelled after the 5.56 Arsenal AK magazine, is included. The AEG also include 2 pistol grips! It ships with a black AK style grip installed and has a SAW Style grip you can switch to if you want. I kept the AK grip on since it’s smaller. It also ships with a Krinkov Style Flash Hider.

I chose to swap out the Flash Hider for the Magpul PTS – AAC Blackout 51T Flash Hider so I could add the Magpul PTS – AAC Silencer.

Beta Project – Tactical AK – Magpul PTS AAC Silencer, AMP Tactical Compact Combat Dot Scope and TangoDown Battle Grip are not included.

1 of the unique additional to this AEG is the Ambidexterous Charging Handle modification. On this AEG it only functions to pull the fake bolt cover back to expose the Hop-Up slider. The charging handles are the same style as used on the Magpul PTS – Masada ACR.

Beta Project – Tactical AK

The inner barrel extends past the flash hider threads about 2", but the included Krinkov style flash hider will cover it. This AEG has 14mm CCW threads, so most airsoft flash hiders and silencers will work.

Beta Project – Tactical AK

Average fps with .20 bb’s is 421 fps


Manufacturer: KWA (USA)
Type: GBB


The KWA – MK23 USSOCOM is KWA’s latest version of their H&K MK23 pistol. This is the first legally H&K licensed MK23 and has all the proper trademarks. The trademarks are etched and color filled on he metal slide.


The threaded barrel is the same 16mmCW thread as the previous KSC and Tokyo Marui MK23 replicas, so either MK23 only or thread adapters for 14mm silencers will be needed. The accessory rail is also unique to the MK23, so you’ll either need an adapter or MK23 LAM to work with it.

KWA – MK23 USSOCOM w/ Tokyo Marui MK23 Silencer and LAM

Features and Specifications:

  • Overall Length = 25 cm [9.84″]
  • Overall Height = 15 cm [5.91″]
  • Inner Barrel Length = 130 mm
  • Inner Barrel Diameter = 6.05 mm
  • Weight = 1.16 kg [2.56 lbs]
  • Barrel Thread = 16 mm CW
  • Caliber = 6 mm
  • Magazine Capacity = 25 rounds
  • Velocity = 110-116 MPS [360-380 FPS] Energy Output with 0.20g BB = 1.2 Joules
  • Gas System = NS2
  • Safety / decocking lever
  • Ambidextrous safety lever
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Accessory rail
  • 3-dot combat sight
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Realistic construction and field stripping

KWA – MK23 USSOCOM w/ Tokyo Marui MK23 Silencer and LAM

Chrono Results (FPS)
Green Gas
.20 BB’s
Avg: 359.23

Oakley – Sabot Low 2.0 (Black) Shoe

Manufacturer: Oakley
Type: Footwear

Oakley – Sabot Low 2.0 (Black)

The Oakley Sabot 2.0 is an improvement over the initial Sabot Low release. This is a much lighter weight and cooler temperature shoe then the S.I. Assault Shoe series.

Oakley’s propaganda as follows:

The premier edition of SABOT LOW took advantage of Oakley’s decades of work with the U.S. Military. This latest edition will take you from urban avenues to backcountry recon in comfort. SABOT LOW 2.0 is civilian footwear with aggressive design innovation, high durability and low weight.

A midsole shank offers support, and Oakley Red Code? technology maximizes responsiveness while redirecting the energy of ground forces to keep your dogs from getting a pounding. Leather and suede bring style, and panels of Cordura? optimize durability with abrasion resistance. We went double barrel with comfort, adding a moisture wicking liner and an Ortholite? insole that offers resilient cushioning, moisture transport and antimicrobial action. The tread is designed to get a bite on a wide range of terrain. We shaped it from a special hybrid of EVA and rubber to match long-haul durability with low weight. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or carving the trail, SABOT LOW 2.0 gets the job done with comfort and signature Oakley style.

  • Leather and suede with Cordura for abrasion resistance
  • Moisture wicking liner
  • Red Code midsole for responsiveness and attenuated shock absorption
  • Cushioning of Ortholite insole with moisture transport and antimicrobial action
  • Specialized EVA/rubber outsole for durability and weight reduction
  • Icon accent

Direct link to product:

KWA – ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol)

Manufacturer: KWA (USA)
Type: GBB


The KWA – ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol) is KWA’s latest version of a "Glock like" pistol. it retains most dimensions to a Glock 17, but will not have licensing issues due to being different enough in design. While it has an NS2 gas system, it can work with existing KWA Glock compatible magazines. It comes with a metal slide with laser etched markings and includes an interchangeable backstrap for those needing a more slender grip.


The threaded orange tip shown in the pictures is slightly smaller then 14mm CCW and will not fasten a silencer securely. It seems to be only added for orange tip compliancy. The metal slide on the ATP is slightly wider then a real Glock’s slide, so it will not fit into holster like the Crye GunClip and may have issues with other fitted holster (i.e. Safariland, Serpa, etc). An older KWA Glock slide will fit onto the ATP frame, but it will not function.

There have been some additions to the internals on the ATP from the older KWA Glock series which includes a slide dampener.

Chrono Results (FPS)
Green Gas
.20 BB’s
Avg: 318.52


Manufacturer: WE (Taiwan)
Type: GBBR
Date Acquired: 09/2011


This 2nd Generation of the WE SCAR-L CQC. This version, available at Airsoft Extreme, is the only Officially Licensed FN SCAR GBBR in the US at this time.


  • FULLY Licensed by FN Herstal
  • Durable ABS lower
  • Metal Upper, CNC Machined
  • NEW Blowback System with OPEN BOLT Design
  • Adjustable hopup
  • Short CQC barrel
  • Adjustable folding stock with adjustable cheek rest
  • Bolt locks back when out of BB’s
  • Flip front and Rear Sights


  • Weight 3,162g
  • Length (Folded): 525mm
  • Length (Retracted): 710mm
  • Length (Extended): 775mm
  • 30rnd Magazine


The magazines hold 30 rounds and come in 2 versions. It ships with a internal gas version and there is another version that will take a 12gram CO2 cartridge. Unfortunately the gas magazine that came with the GBBR had a leaky fill valve, but it was an easy fix with a valve tool to tighten the valve and silicon oil to lubricate the O-rings. The CO2 Magazine had no leak issues. The CO2 magazine was slightly more powerful then the gas magazine (See chrono results below) and both held enough gas to shoot 60 rounds with conservative shooting (i.e. Short bursts and semi auto). Curiously, CO2 wasn’t that much more powerful or consistent then Green Gas in this initial firing. Both magazines have a switch that will lock the bolt back on an empty magazine.


The Selector Switch and Magazine Release are ambidexterous, but bolt release is only on the left side. Cocking handle can be installed on either side.


Overall it’s a neat airsoft rifle for the realism aspect. Will report back in regards to durability.

Chrono results (FPS)
Temp: 72? F

.20 BB's

  • 407
  • 382
  • 383
  • 384
  • 388
  • 386
  • Avg. 389

Green Gas
.20 BB's

  • 382
  • 380
  • 381
  • 386
  • 376
  • 383
  • Avg. 381